Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another dragon

I've gone to make a walk in Hinterlands because i wanted to close some quests they gave me (take a photo to the turtle Gammerita, get the mallet of Zul'Farraq and so on) and since i was there... i've make a walk around just to see how it was ^^

Around the area you're able to find a lot of temple with a style similar to the Temple of Atal'Hakkar also known as Sunken Temple located in the Swamp of Sorrows... there are a lot of trolls in this area, shadow priests and nice guys who have hobbies like fishing and head-hunting.

In the middle of the map, anyway, you'll be able to find a quiet and nice river (don't ask me its name... eheheheh), a bridge that you'll be scared to cross... and some ruins on the other side.

And there... another strange portal with a huge dragon for guardian. This time i've found it alive and hungry of my blood :/

When will i be able to take this huge creatures down? I really would like to try this experience... at least once in my life :)

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Friday, September 29, 2006

This remembers me a thing...

Riding my nice tiger in the Blasted Lands i've discovered a little crater where there is a neverending storm with thunders and flash lights... and in the middle of that place lies, like a bad omen, the Dark Portal!!!!!!!! (turn on the stereo and listen the "Thus Spoke Zarathrusta" :P )

This is a portal, as the name tells, and i was pretty curious to know where it could take you. Another land? Another dimensions? A new dungeon? Who knows....?

But for sure it has to be important for it was super protected by elite demon guardians.

So i have run as there was the only thing i could do in my life and finally reached the portal. When you're close to the big statues you really feel small and everything around it beats with the power of the magic flows through it....

Here you can see the dimensions of it. Simply HUGE!

The only problem is that the gate doesn't take you anywhere. If you pass through you can touch the stone wall behind... and that's all. I would like to say that it's a shame but instead... here lies a bigger secret.

I am asking to myself if this portal can take you somewhere if you have the right uhm... staff, reagent, magic thingy. Maybe anew dimension... maybe an outland... :)

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

cold, wet and slippery

From the hot sand of Tanaris i've decided to make big change and i've gone to try a run in the Sunken Temple, also know as Temple of Atal'Hakkar... in the middle of a wet and stinking swamp :P

Only the top of the temple emerges from the water... and for to pass through its gate you have to swim in a green soup of mud and other things that, actually, don't even what to know what they are :P

Once inside you can realize how much this temple was precious and important in the past. All the walls are carved with nice drawings and pictures... even if most of them have something uhm... evil...

Probably i should go to learn the history of this place in the library of Stormwind... for i'm a bit curious to know what happened in the past and what the God of this temple was :)

Inside, the building is all made by loooooooooooooooooong corridors and little rooms/halls where you'll find a lot of enemies. Some of them are just trolls but most of them are monster 100%... things that cannot exist in nature. And so we have the duty to delete them from this world :P

You can see us doing the cleansing job... and the cutie priestess (me) kicking asses all around her ^____^.

The biggest room i've seen so far inside the temple is all built around a circular pit and i have no idea about the use of it. Was it used in the past for human sacrifices? Is it the only was we can have to go on another level of the building?

I don't know because, before to face the first boss, our warrior had to go and so we have decided to face this instance another time, alas :)

Anyway it's funny to think we haven't been the only visitors of this place. Here you can see our party and two little guys that probably have stayed in the temple too much.

I've always said that humidity isn't good for you health... look how much skinny they look like :P

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jurassic park!!!

Tired of the sand storms that push me to keep my eyes almost closed and the dust that get inside my boots i have decided to leave Tanaris for a while and take a look at Un'Goro Crater. The path that leads you there gives you the welcome with you big obelisks... I have always loved the egyptian architecture so i consider this a good sign :)

As usual i have a particular idea about Un'Goro Crater could be... before i have gone there. And as usual i was wrong. I imagine this place like an harder version of Desolace, with rock and a grey sky and instead this is a nice place! It's full of green trees, water and it could be considered like a special version of jurassic park since there are dinos everywhere ^^

Most of the monsters are just fatty lizards with fangs and claws but some of them are huge and make little earthquakes when they walk... and my heart shaked in fear the first time i saw one of them.

This place is absolutely delicious :)


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blood elf mount

Some weeks ago i've post a video, found on google, that pretended to show the new mount of the blood elves. And it was ugly :(

Now i've found some photos on a blog that show how the new mount will be... and I have to say that i'm starting to like it a little bit more :)

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Monday, September 25, 2006

a trip to Moonglade

I don't know why, neither i'm so much interested to know the miracle that happened to me but... with a good party i've been able to finish Maraudon :P
The fatty princess is now biting the dust (or maybe the grass) of her garden and we've got a new quest from a giant ghost: take the "seed of life" (whatever it is) to Moonglade.

And that's the funny part :P I have always thought, in fact, that Moonglade was forbidden to everyone but the druids and that's the reason i've never gone there. I heard from some friends of mine that Moonglade was very beautiful but somehow in my mind I considered that as a gossip... and i asked to myself how they could know since they weren't druids :P

Well.. Moonglade is not forbidden to anyone... the only problem is that the path that leads you there is incredibly long and hard. You have to cross Felwood (a dangerous land in the north of Ashenvale) and then get inside a dungeon full of monsters.
My special tactic for to pass all of this has been the following:
- tiger till the dungeon
- shadowform
- shield and psychic scream as much as i could
- run
- run
- RUN!!!!!!!!

May Elune bless the shield of the priests that allow me to arrive to this wonderful place. Moonglade is a quiet land full of trees, very silent and immerse in a green twilight that changes that colors of the things around you. You can see the effect of it on my dress :)

The main village has been built near a lake dedicated to the goddess Elune and, like a little Venice, has bridges everywhere for to cross the little rivers that break the land. The buildings are made in the style of Darnassus but with some variations so that i guess that here you can see the most beautiful and pure architecture style of the elves.

I cannot tell you anything more... just come here and watch it by yourself... it worths for sure!
If you are seeking for a beautiful place that fills your soul of grace and peace, then you're seeking for Moonglade.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why I love to walk in world of warcraft

Maybe it's not only me but it's a common feeling that i share with the others i meet in world of warcraft... but the reason i like Azeroth it is not only because it is my birthplace.
It's also (and maybe more... i dunno :) because when i stop to walk and i look around me it is like the world is full of life and vibrating, every place is a little poem made with the colors.

There are places that seem to blessed by the Ancient Gods, with quite and lazy insects that suck the honey from the flowers and fast birds that cover the sky with their games....

...and places that seem to be cursed and make you sick just watching them, populated by things with no name and eyes, abominious that cannot even be described because no one has invented words for them. They are just "monsters".

There is the magic, the thin essence that fills this world and make it works even if some people aren't able to see it...

There is the friendship of the people that is even more important than magic and that push me to keep on... for there is not a place in this way where i can go alone, but together with you there is no place forbidden ;)

And there is the moon i look at night, before going to bed, praying to Elune that will make this world rest a bit as i rest in the bed. The moon shines and smiles...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The best views i've seen so far...

Yesterday night the good friend Rainé drop a message on the chat, asking for help... and since i'm a "bunny hop hop hop" priest I couldn't leave him alone sooooooo..... here i am to explain how it has gone and show you a new place i've gone: Maraudon.

Maraudon is an instance located in Desolace but, differently from that region, it is full of life and there you can see some very nice views with waterfalls, huge flowers and butterflies that caress your cheeks while you run with a deathwish into your mind :P

The first part of it isn't that much. Just dungeons, centaurs and some ruins that somehow remember me Uldaman. The common tactic "let's go 'n' kill 'em all" works pretty fine also because if it is true that usually we have to face 10 mobs at the same time... it's also true that they are low levels... and ehi! i'm a priest so i won't get my hands dirty and i'll leave the others make the hard work. In fact in the photo you can see me drinking while the others are getting fun. /cheer :)

Then... you find a waterfall... you jump down and....

Everything changes!!! So beautiful waterfalls.... nice sceneries... turtles that call my name and little fireflies that draw my shape in the air. It's a shame that Desolace has some nice places to see like these but they have to be so concentrated in Maraudon. It's not fair at all considering that when i was younger i have passed a lot of time in Desolace killing centaurs for silk and outside this instance well... the place sucks :P

The last thing Maraudon taught me is that not all the princesses are nice and with a smooth skin... i already had some doubts reading the gossip's magazines but herei got a stronger proof since the big ugly monster of the instance is a princess.

And she has 3 eyes, 2 huge fangs long as my arms, a belly with a tattoo on it that says "Fast food is welcome!" and, above all, a very bad behaviour.

Well... we died >___<'' and not once, but 4 times.

Maybe because she was envy of my shape she killed me as fast as she could and then passed to annihilate the others. Let's hope for the next time... because i really would like to see how much tall her belly is when she lays down on the floor :P

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Friday, September 22, 2006

and we'll switch to a different language :)

Well... seems to me that most of the people who come to visit this blog cannot talk my language... so i'll switch it in english eheheheh :P

From now i'll post all the news in english and i'll start to translate the previous posts so that everyone (or most of them...) will be able to know what i've written.

Naturally i'm not very good in this language so i hope you'll forgive me in advance for all the mistakes i will do for sure :)

and three....

The teletransportation devices are going to be so common all over Azeroth. The first device i've seen was located in Booty Bay... and that time i thought it was weird... and somehow rare.
I've met the second one in Gatgetzan (Tanaris)... and now i've found the third one, in Gnomeregan... so i guess i should start to ask to myself if there isn't a project behind all of this.

I mean... could it be that one day all of these devices will start to really work and will allow the people to go in a quick from a side of the world to the other... saving time from boats and gryphons? Honestly i would be ready to pay even... three times more than the ticket i pay nowadays to the gryphons' master just to be teleported in Ironforge or Tanaris.

Come on!!! there should be a project behind all of this because otherwise there is no reason a goblin stay in the middle of nothing in Gnomeragan :)

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yeah, I'm the best there is a what I do...

...but what i do isn't nice!

I have to be sincere. Sometimes to be a priest is tiring and people don't thank you enough. If everything goes smooth as silk then people think it's just "normal", viceversa if things go wrong they blame the priest because she hasn't been good enough to heal everyone.

Actually not everyone is in this way and i'm luck because i meet people that understand that it's not because of you or me... it's about the group since it is the group that wins, and it's the group that loses... and that the alchemy that make the party strong is made by everyone, not by only the priest or the tank :)

Anyway, just to laugh a bit i've found this little game that pretend to make you dress the "robe of a priest" and make you try to heal a raid party... and make you see how people react when they die...

Ah! Just before you start... don't take it too seriously. It's impossibile to win :)


The end of Gahz'rilla

As my grandmother said "every promise you make binds you"... here i am to explain the end of Zul'Farraq.
Our heroes, once got inside the temple, decide to warm their bones around a camp fire before to start... and not only because the night, in the desert of Tanaris, is very cold but also because in this way their friendship will become stronger than ever while they eat marshmallows and sing old songs :)

Let's say that differently from the previous post i have to admit that not everything has gone ok as hoped :) In fact once we made a not so very intelligent pull and the monsters have wiped us out. I didn't want... but in that case I have shown my cold blood and i have used the last magic ability that only a real priestess can use. A secret that is told only in the santa sactorum of the temple of Elune in Darnassus. The magic tactic also called "corpse run"and that can be describe as: "Run! Run and never look back!".

In the photo you can see a group of my fans that usually follow me in the instances for to take photos and cheer me while i heal the party :P

Ok, stop diversions now :) Well, the final boss of Zul'Farraq is Gahz'rilla, a huge hydra that can be summoned only if you have a special mallet. A magic object you can obtain from the trolls of Hinterlands (and we are talking about a dangerous place in the north of the western continent). With that mallet in your hand you go and play the gong and in a quick the nice monster appears inside the pool, starts to walk around the temple, takes a nap, turns on the television to see a movie and makes all the things that usually a monster does.

Honestly i was pretty scared by this monster because its dimensions are beyond everything you can imagine. It's so big that when i went close to its legs my mates had some problem to recognize me from the fleas Gahz'rilla had on the feets. This hasn't stopped us to teach an hard lesson to the hydra :)

Anyway Gahz'rilla is a very interesting monster because its death gives you the chance to obtain a special tricket :P a little carrot that if you take always with you push your mount to be faster than normal.

I've won the carrot, i've put in my pocket and now... nothing changes O__o''' could it be that maybe it's because tigers don't like vegetables?!?

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A the in the Sahara...

Terminato Uldaman il prossimo passo, quasi necessario, è quello di cercare di affrontare Zul'Farraq - l'istanza nel deserto di Tanaris.

Zul'Farraq è un enorme tempio in stile egiziano abitato da troll che praticano la magia nera e si pappano con molto gusto gli umani (lo si capisce dal fatto che ad ogni angolo ci sono mucchietti di teschi belli lucidi).

A differenza di molte istanze qua tutta l'azione avviene all'aperto e fa un caldo micidiale O___o''' il sole di Tanaris spacca e non vi dico come ero sudata visto che dovevo continuare ad indossare il mantello e il cappello per mantenere alte le mie statistiche... ma ci sarà un posto dove fare la doccia nel mondo di Warcraft :) ?

Una delle ultime cose da fare è la liberazione di alcuni carcerati tenuti in gabbia sulla sommità della piramide centrale... qua mi vedete mentre osserviamo la struttura e il mio gatto Silver Tabby si fa un giro.
Tra l'altro... non che c'entri... ma io mi porto sempre il gatto in giro per le istanza, ammazzo mostri di livello enorme e lui non fa nulla di più che grattarsi, sbadigliare e stirarsi. E i mostri non si osano neppure attaccarlo. Vuoi vedere che il mio gatto è il più potente personaggio di Wow???? Fear the cat! :)

Qua ci vedete in alto alla piramide mentre sotto ci sono dei simpatici troll che, non felici per la liberazione dei carcerati, vogliono farci cambiare idea a forza di mazzate.

Ovviamente una pioggia di fuoco e tanto acciaio fa cambiare idea a tutti :P

Ed eccoci qua all'ultimo mostro... che in realtà è una coppia di supertroll incavolati neri :)

Si ammazzano un po' di nemici, si fanno fuori due coppie di cobra reali ipersviluppati e poi si va ad affrontare anche questi... vedrete come va a finire nella prossima puntata. Anche perchè ora sono stanca e devo andare a dormire. Il sole di Tanaris mi ha cotto il cervello e devo andare a riposare in un posto bello. Tipo Feralas per intendersi :)

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Friday, September 15, 2006

We are surrounded by chocobos... and we're waiting for Jenova

I have found this movie on google and it shows the mount (or what it could be the mount :) of the blood elves.

ok... our bad "cousins" have strange hairs that remembers me Dragonball... they greet in the old chinese way... and now they have also a ostrich as a mount and this remember the nice game Final Fantasy where you can ride a Chocobo O___o''
Well now i'm expecting them to be able to cast an Hadoken, a Kamehamea and be so naughty that they won't kill monsters but get exp just going around and raise the skirts of the female night elves for to watch their white pants.

...Mmmm I have to remember that i always have to dress the trousers under my dress :P

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Another boss bites the dust :P

Finally i've been able to finish Uldaman :)
I've been invited by a very good party that i know and that helped be a bit with some quests and instances before. So I have taken the gryphon at Loch Modan and passing by the dam of Ironfonge i have seen the old kings of the dwarves smiling at me... maybe for they had an happy secret they wanted to share with me :P

Since the beginning i understood that time was different, the giant lady of the map chamber fell down in a few seconds thanks to the warriors and paladins... and the mage as well. It's a real satisfaction to see the bosses fall down so fast... and i didn't have to use too much mana to heal my mates, eheheheh :)

We walked and killed and rested and killed and walked... till we arrived to the sancta sanctorum of the last boss...

...and as usual this huge golem started to yell something to us but we had no ears for his useless words so the tank run to meet him, the rogue walked fast behind him to make him daggers find a way to his stone heart, the mage iced everything around herwhile the warlock casted all his curses...

...and the little priestess waited since no one was harmed yet :)

After long seconds we were finally able to /cheer and /clap. Geee.. even laying down on the floor this boss is taller then me :/

Once the boss has been wiped out the doors of the treasure room open and so you have then chances to complete some other quests ^^

I'm very satisfied :) and i really believe that i'll come back to Uldaman one day also because the Master Enchanter lives in this way instance and i'm so hungry of knowledge...

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