Monday, September 25, 2006

a trip to Moonglade

I don't know why, neither i'm so much interested to know the miracle that happened to me but... with a good party i've been able to finish Maraudon :P
The fatty princess is now biting the dust (or maybe the grass) of her garden and we've got a new quest from a giant ghost: take the "seed of life" (whatever it is) to Moonglade.

And that's the funny part :P I have always thought, in fact, that Moonglade was forbidden to everyone but the druids and that's the reason i've never gone there. I heard from some friends of mine that Moonglade was very beautiful but somehow in my mind I considered that as a gossip... and i asked to myself how they could know since they weren't druids :P

Well.. Moonglade is not forbidden to anyone... the only problem is that the path that leads you there is incredibly long and hard. You have to cross Felwood (a dangerous land in the north of Ashenvale) and then get inside a dungeon full of monsters.
My special tactic for to pass all of this has been the following:
- tiger till the dungeon
- shadowform
- shield and psychic scream as much as i could
- run
- run
- RUN!!!!!!!!

May Elune bless the shield of the priests that allow me to arrive to this wonderful place. Moonglade is a quiet land full of trees, very silent and immerse in a green twilight that changes that colors of the things around you. You can see the effect of it on my dress :)

The main village has been built near a lake dedicated to the goddess Elune and, like a little Venice, has bridges everywhere for to cross the little rivers that break the land. The buildings are made in the style of Darnassus but with some variations so that i guess that here you can see the most beautiful and pure architecture style of the elves.

I cannot tell you anything more... just come here and watch it by yourself... it worths for sure!
If you are seeking for a beautiful place that fills your soul of grace and peace, then you're seeking for Moonglade.


Blogger AngryMidget said...

I went there for both bear form and aqua form on my me the quests are EXTREMELY annoying. Oh and you misspelled color and no one.


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