Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Auch! That hurts!!!!

Yesterday I just wanted to take some pics from the Black Temple for i wanted to see how it is... so I've taken my white little tiger and I've run on the east. The structure is huge but I've not been able to see too much. Just in front of the gate (or i guess it is a gate) there is a Doomwalker, a kind of Felreaver just bigger, uglier and angrier :P

And he critted me for 35212 points and gave me a nice sickness: the aura of death. This curse afflicts you for 15 minutes and if you ress, while you still have it, you die again. So nice :/

While i was coming back for the second time to my corpse i was thinking how could a normal char survive to the mighty doomwalker and the answer is.... you only have to dress the right pair of shoes ^^. Here the boots a friend of mine loot from a "critter".
Aren't they nice?

Ehm... Blizzard haven't we a problem here ^^?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Thinking about the shadows...

Since I've been able to go to Outland I've respecced shadow.
I'm not the only one, it seems to me that most of the priests have decided to embrace the "dark side" of our job because it allows an easier life: faster killing, faster leveling, easier solo questing... all of these stuff.

I remember that i became an little holy angel when i were lvl56 because I found it hard to heal well in Stratholme and Scholomance... and in fact after i were able to save impossible situation (a tank against 6 mobs + an hunter afk+autoshot + a mage who keeps to polymorph the tank target + a lock who keeps looting instead of spamming curses ^^) but questing was so slow and boring that sometimes i logged in only for do instances and if i weren't able to find a group i logged out and played with my lock or rogue :)

Now I'm shadow again but i don't find that it is that hard as i remember. So... or I'm better in healing or the new instance are well designed.

I think the second option wins...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The bloody furnace is not so hot

Maybe because there is blood instead of fire :)

Anyway some days ago I've been invited by a friend of mine who asked me if I wanted to do a run in the Bloody Furnace of the Hellfire Citadel. I said "ok" and so here you'll be able to take a look how this new instance appear.

The layout of this instance is pretty similar to Hellfire Citadel Ramparts: a long corridor, three bosses and a lot of groups of mobs with casters, summoners and warriors. On a side i have to say that it's a shame that the instance isn't complex with crossroads, parts you can skip or you can do.... on the other side I like it a lot because it is short and (as said before) it allows me to do it everytime i want without any worries.

Inside the instance has a layout that is a mix between Gnomeregan (wheels, strange devices, mobs that lay down bombs and mines) and Naxxramas... and the mix works because i think this instance is more inspired than Ramparts.

Here you see me trying making a special green-light-shower. Useful for to keep my skin white as the snow and soft as the rabbit fur :P

Talking about the bosses they are fun to play. One use the mind control to take one of the group on his side. This skill has been seen before a lot of time (Jammal in Sunken Temple, the female-ghost-boss in Stratholme, ecc...) but this time it has been funnier for i've been the one who has been controlled and i spammed smite and holy fire on the tank...

Lucky him i've been able to free myself in time to heal him... we were so close to be wiped out ^^

The second one is hard not because of him but because you have to kill a lot of mob-waves before you'll be able to face him. The mobs are easy but you have to pay attention to not to get out of mana...

The third one is easier than ever if you have a demon-lock and a hunter with you.. their pets can tank one of the normal mobs while you are killing the others and the boss.
Not sure if I'll do it again but it has been fun ^^ and i find that I'm not that bad even if I'm a shadow priest now ^^

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An interesting interview...

---> link

/discuss :)

Someone said...

...the felreaver is the new Devilsaur.

Nothing is closer to the truth O___o''

Cities, places.... and me :)

I'm trying to finish somehow the instance called "Ramparts". I say "somehow" because even if it is small and fast with all the groups I've tried we have always been wiped out fighting the last boss. And so i've not been able to finish the quest... with all the experience, money and prized related.

By the way I pass my "free time" exploring the new continent and here some shots I've done.

Just on the west of Hellfire Peninsula there is a big big swamp called Zangarmarsh. This swamp is famous because of its huge mushrooms and the strange creatures you can find there: big mosquitos, hydras and a kind of uhm... thing that remembers me the monsters of the "war of the worlds".

As soon as you get inside the swamp you'll find a litte Cenarion Refuge but inside there is also a big town called Telredor. This city is nice because.... there is a elevator :P

Don't ask me why but the city has been built on the top of a huge mushroom and so the only way you have to get up there is to take the magic elevator built with draenei technology. Nice eh ^^?

Going to the south instead you'll find another city called Shattrath. This city is particular and i suggest you, once you'll finish your quests in Hellfire Peninsula, to take your home here. The reason is pretty simple:
1 - it's in the middle of the continent so you'll be able to go everywhere from here just taking a gryphon
2 - there are the portal for all the main city of the Alliance and the Horde so if you want to go to Stormwind you take the portal here... you make some walks there and then heartstone you'll be in Outland again. Easier than going to the darkportal, use the mount, arrive in Nethergarde Keep and take use the gryphon :P

In the middle of this city there is a strange creature called A'dal. What is it exactly? A kind of ghost? An intelligent crystal? A super-entity? A semi-god?

Mysteries are all around here in Outland ^^

Friday, January 19, 2007

New mobs on the block

Let's start with this second session of "The new side of Outland" also known as "everything you wanted to know about what's beyond the portal but you have never dared to ask" :P
Here we'll talk about some new mobs you could find along your journey.

First one: Vazruden. He is bad guy flying on a dragon over the entrance of the instance in Hellfire Citadel. He's elite, he's level 62... and you wouldn't like to invite him for the evening tea. So when you see him, watch out and shadowmelt :P

Second one: The mighty Felreaver. This huge robot is half Gundam and half Godzilla :) You'll be able to find him pretty soon and you'll have to pay attention to not to get its attention because he doesn't have a level only a skull under its portrait. And rarely this is a good sign :P

Third one: doomwhisperers. They are cutie girls with six arms... with blades, latex suit and a green fire instead of hair. A kind of uhm... apocalypse shivas :) They aren't so hard to kill anyway, a couple of blow are enough to make them eat the dust... what you won't like if you're a caster is her speed when she'll hit you with her swords. Shield yourself if you can... or keep her distant ^^

Fourth one: the unknown elite mob. I have no idea about the name of this mob but i was running with the tiger while a mate of my team aggroed him. No need to say it hasn't been a good idea. Maybe he's one of the children of Lord Kazzak... dunno.

Fifth one: Voidwalkers. These guys are big, ugly and stupid... they don't make anything but to walk along the Void Ridge, wait for you and try to kill you with their boreness. But they keep a secret that you could like to know. They could explode before they're going to die making a huge amount of damage... and above all they are always close to a kind of energy bubble that floats in the sky. When they are damage they start to get some health back through a energy flux that comes from the ball and goes directly to their body.
It's better if you keep your health always up... above all before the final blow ^^

Keep in touch for the next part where I'll show you all the ways a priest can die in these new lands :PPP


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A little trip to Outland

I've done it this morning before going to work. No words, just photos for this post. I'll leave the words for a better moment when all my ideas will be in order again... ^^


Everything floats.... :0~~~~~~

Yesterday it has been the great TBC showtime. Installed, downloaded the patch... then the patch again :P and finally i got inside with the green-power-infused-portal in front of the login mask.

And i have rolled a Draenei priest called Lamnaaru and I've started to make a walk outside, in the new island, looking for the path that would lead me to capital city Exodar. Here you can find some new mobs (a kind of giant butterflies and some strange uhm... blobs that are different from the normal oozes... they are queer... i can't explain it well :P) and a bunch of the old ones.

The island is pretty big and very very very beautiful. Somehow it remembered me Terdrassil of the night elves with its long roads surrounded by the green, the little rivers that cross the lands and its sense of nature and peace... even if here everything it's sunnier and lighter...

But once you arrive in Exodar you forget about everything you've seen before... and you have to pay attention that your jaw doesn't hit the floor. Exodar is huge, beautiful and astonishing with all the crystals, the museum, the room of Naaru that release a costant flux of energy, etc...

Everything is just perfect and i'm sure that finally we have an important city even in Kalimdor. Maybe it won't become the next Ironforge but at least it has the power to "focalize" the attention of the people... Darnassus has always been left empty but the lvl 10 night elves who had to pass there for to take the boat who take them in Auberdine and the lvl 50 mages who go there to learn the portal :)

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

After so many tier...

it's now time for a new dungeon set. I've found online this movie showing how the new dungeon set will be. Gotta say that the priest set is nice... maybe more than the last tiers I've seen. At least is not baroque as the Avatar set and don't push you to go outside with those strange woody wings on your shoulders eheheh :P

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sugar... ohhhhh Ony Ony....

Some days ago i have finally decided to make the boring quest called "Jail Break" in Blackrock Depth. I have left it behind for so much time that the prisoner i had to rescue had a long white beard :P By the way I've been able to access one of the easiest and spectacular quests ever: "The great Masquerade"

In Stormwind Keep you'll find a nice lady... a girl just like you and me... she wears a nice dress and she has polite manners but once Marshal Windsor (the prisoner) talked with her she get so angry that she became a dragon. And the dragon was called Onyxia.

And Onyxia yelled something i didn't understood very well but suddenly 10 or more dragonkin elites got inside the Keep with the clear intent to transform it into the hell... swords, spell, broken shields, screams......

...and me eating an icecream in the corner of the room since the guards were doing all the job and didn't need me to help them to kill the dragonkins. For a guardian killed there were two or more ready to take a part in this crazy party.

Wow... that was fun. I only had to watch them... it was like a tv-show, eheheheh :P

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Woooo... welcome to the jungle :)

Welcome to the jungle
We got trolls 'n' orcs
We got everything you want
Honey we even have hunters with porcs
We are the people that can shoot you
In the middle of your head
If you got the right level honey
it's corpse parking, oh /sad :P

In the jungle
Welcome to the jungle
Watch us make you die........ ahi ahi ahi ahi ahi ahi
We're gonna gank you and make you bleed :P

Mmmm... well well.. the Dark Portal is almost opened. For now the only ones who have the key are demons, felguards, voidwalkers and so on.... but everyone goes there to take a little quest given by an Argent Dawn mage. You get money dear... you get a nice tabard.... and you get a lot of honor if you'll be able to gank the hordes there... or you'll pass hours waiting to ress after the 100th time a troll has decided to kill you instead of the mobs ^^.

I did it... but i assure you that was hard :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Alert!!! Biohazard!!! RL Injection...

Well... no photos for this little post :)

My mac (an iMac bought on may 2005) is starting to suffer of a crazy sickness so-called "random shutdown" which means that when i'm just in the middle of an instance, facing the whole Barov family and i'm healing the tank with just 3% of health... the screen becomes black, the fans stop to spin and some of all of things happen (not exactly in this order):

1 - I say: "&/%()=!!!!!!" "What the &%"&%£"/&$"%$£"$"&%$ and %$£!%$£" you and your family of %$£"/&£(&%£%$£$%£" :)
2 - the tank dies and write my name in his black list of healers that must never be called in an instance
3 - I turn on the mac again... crossing all the fingers i have hoping it won't turn off again
4 - I ask to be forgiven till i log off (pala:"hi! last spot for UBRS? We need an healer :)" Lamthara: "forgive me! forgive me! forgive me! forgive me! forgive me!" pala:"wtf?!?")
5 - If somehow the boss dies I lose the drop and for a strange mystery of the universe and a bug of WoW the loot has inside all of these things: "Truefaith Vestments recipe, Benediction staff special edition (the weapon is infused and reinforced with elementium, adamantium and chocolate. Keep away from children), Kazzak-tricket (summon Kazzak to fight for you, sweap the floor and if there is no enemy lord Kazzak will offer you 100g and a pizza)"
6 - /cry

I'll keep on playing on my laptop but it won't be the same because that machine is pretty slow and all the major cities are forbidden for me (too laggy...).

Let's hope my mac will come back soon soon :'(

Friday, January 05, 2007

Tagged on friday morning O___o''

Seems that there is a curse that is been spreading through the WoW blogs. This curse is called "Tag! You're it" and push you to tell "Five things you don't know know about me"... and i've been tagged by the nice Excaliber.

I've tried to resist but seems to me impossibile... this DoT won't be remove till i won't confess everything so let's unleash the soul inside Lamthara and let's take out the mask ^^

Five things you don't know about me:

1. I'm italian, I live in Turin (a city in the north-west of Italy), I'm 31 years old and I'm married. Ah... I'm a male :/ I've chosen Lamthara because I've thought that if i had to play staring the back of a char... at least it would be better to make a female char :)

2. I've studied Economy at the local University but just before getting the degree I've realized that i don't like economy that much and if I would be able to go back in time to give some suggestions to myself I'd tell him to study math or literature and become a teacher. Because i like to help and teach but in my job i can't do that and it's like a part of me is left there in the dark corner of the room... and never used.

3. I don't play sports nowadays but some years ago i played karate. I think that a martial art is a good way to train the body and the, above all, mind... and as always happens in sports you can discover the real behaviour of a person there more than in hours of speech. After a few years of training I had to leave the gym because i didn't have enough time to dedicate to this passion... now I'm thinking to start it again but i have to find a way to convince with my wife and that's not easy because the time I'll pass there means less time i can pass with her.

4. Reading is my second hobby and if i can i like to read some books about philosophy. Not that i understand everything they say :) but that doesn't stop me to keep reading and asking question about everything. I think that this disease finds a reason on the fact in the schools I've done they didn't teach philosophy and I've discovered how nice it is only when it was too late.... or maybe it's never too late and i've been lucky considering that now I've read a lot and probably i know about it more than if i did it in the school and then get annoyed about it because of a lazy teacher :P

5. My second home is Thailand. Once every two years we (me and my wife) go there and enjoy the beaches, the mountains, the food and everything this wonderful land has to offer. Bangkok is like "Los Angeles 2019" of Blade Runner: a city full of everything, chaotic, with reflected lights on raining pools and neon and a pollution that dries your throat but ehi!!! I love it :) And with it i like to eat Tom Kha Gai (a soup of chicken and coconut milk) then go for shopping in a huge mall, take a tuk tuk and see an elephant slowly walking at the side of the road, buy a couple of snacks from a street vendor and when i'm tired find a temple, sit outside in the garden and wait a bit till my soul is recharged again ^^. And if i get enough of cities i can always go to Koh Samui or in the north to see the Khmer ruins. Somehow Thailand remembers me the south of Italy... so the year we don't go to Thailand... we go to Sardegna, an island in the south of Italy where my parents are from)... and we're happy as well :)

I've spread the curse to Hogit and Tales of a WoW Addict.... i don't have the be only one who'll suffer from this sickness eheheheh :P

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy new year!!!

Happy happy happy new year to you all.

(I've taken a little vacation... that's the reason i've not updated the blog recently. It's difficult to have special adventures when you only sleep and eat :PPP)