Saturday, September 23, 2006

The best views i've seen so far...

Yesterday night the good friend Rainé drop a message on the chat, asking for help... and since i'm a "bunny hop hop hop" priest I couldn't leave him alone sooooooo..... here i am to explain how it has gone and show you a new place i've gone: Maraudon.

Maraudon is an instance located in Desolace but, differently from that region, it is full of life and there you can see some very nice views with waterfalls, huge flowers and butterflies that caress your cheeks while you run with a deathwish into your mind :P

The first part of it isn't that much. Just dungeons, centaurs and some ruins that somehow remember me Uldaman. The common tactic "let's go 'n' kill 'em all" works pretty fine also because if it is true that usually we have to face 10 mobs at the same time... it's also true that they are low levels... and ehi! i'm a priest so i won't get my hands dirty and i'll leave the others make the hard work. In fact in the photo you can see me drinking while the others are getting fun. /cheer :)

Then... you find a waterfall... you jump down and....

Everything changes!!! So beautiful waterfalls.... nice sceneries... turtles that call my name and little fireflies that draw my shape in the air. It's a shame that Desolace has some nice places to see like these but they have to be so concentrated in Maraudon. It's not fair at all considering that when i was younger i have passed a lot of time in Desolace killing centaurs for silk and outside this instance well... the place sucks :P

The last thing Maraudon taught me is that not all the princesses are nice and with a smooth skin... i already had some doubts reading the gossip's magazines but herei got a stronger proof since the big ugly monster of the instance is a princess.

And she has 3 eyes, 2 huge fangs long as my arms, a belly with a tattoo on it that says "Fast food is welcome!" and, above all, a very bad behaviour.

Well... we died >___<'' and not once, but 4 times.

Maybe because she was envy of my shape she killed me as fast as she could and then passed to annihilate the others. Let's hope for the next time... because i really would like to see how much tall her belly is when she lays down on the floor :P

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Blogger IceAge said...

hey! when i come in desolace i thought of what a kind of ugly place it was!
Now i'm glad to know that there is also something around here that doesn't suck at all!

hey and what about my English now?
I'm taking lessons just to be able to write in here!!! ^___^


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