Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maexxna - the spider, the silk and you!

Maexxna is the last boss of the Spider Wing in Naxxramas.
Actually it is considered one of the easiest wing and probably Maexxna is the easiest boss of the whole wing because it's like a tank'n'spank fight in "help your guildmate" sauce :PP

The group!
First of all you don't need an off-tank for this fight... so you can give his spot to a dps (or let him wear dps gear... or respec when the double spec will be online :).
Two healers are needed... three are useless but remember to have an healer who can dispell poison (like a druid or a paladin).... if u have a shaman let him drop a Poison Cleansing Totem and let's start :P

The position!
Easy as 1 2 3 :P
Let the tank charge him more or less where it is... then make him move so that Maexxna will turn the face to your tank (and only him).... all the others (dps/healers) stay on its side or behind. Boring eh ^__-? Van Cleef required more positioning skills than this big insect.

The fight!
Maexxna is a giant spider so it doesn't have that much fantasy.... he'll repeat one after the other this moves:
 - he'll spit poison in front of him (that's the reason only the tank must be in front of him)
 - he'll wrap one of the party in a cocoon  and shoot him to the wall on the left
 - he'll" summon" a bunch of little spiders (more or less 6k of life each)
 - he'll wrap everyone in the party in cocoons for 3/4 seconds... then he'll keep on eating the tank
 - at 30% he'll get quite angry and hungry and will start to make more damage :)

So... how can we manage him :) ?
1 - let the tank be the only one in front of him
2 - assign a couple of casters or ranged to take down the poor guy who has been wrapped in a cocoon. To make this you can ask them to make a macro ( /tar web wrap )  so that they'll be able to target the cocoon faster. Assign 1 or 2 aoe-dps to kill the adds fast (1 mage with arcane explosion would be enough)
3 - dispell dispell dispell. The poison doesn't make that much damage but Maexxna is able to put Necrotic poison on the tank so that the healing will be 90% less effective. Dispell it or you'll wipe ^^
4 - top up the health of the tank before this boss will wrap everyone in cocoons (so that he poor plate guy will be able to survive without heals for those seconds :P)
5 - at 30% use all your cooldown and burn its health down. Heroism, Shield Wall, Enrage regeneration, Last Stand are there just to be asked to be used :) If u are worried u can decide to "stop" the dps at 31%, wait the cocoon and then turn on the pew pew again.

...good luck :)


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