Thursday, October 23, 2008

...about what happens when a expansion comes

Uhm... i don't know if this thing happened to you too but more or less one month ago, when everyone was sure about the official release date of the expansion, my guild has suffered a dark moment.

We were farming badges of justice and the day after the date has been published my guildies were already complaining there wasn't anything to do... because what was the need or the fun to do an instance... if you know that all the epics or the gear you'll loot there will be used only for some weeks? People thought to leave wow for a couple of months or maybe trying to play AoC or Warhammer. Some of them were also whining because all the time passed in bg's arenas and instances was useless because they had to say goodbye to their wonderful violet stuff :|

So I passed more or less 3 weeks doing anything but dailies to get some mounts and leveling up professions on my toons (actually i have levelled up engineering on my rogue and jewelcrafting and blacksmithing on my warrior... all of the from 0 to 300/350... not bad considering i just farmed 300g per day and invested them in the AH :)

Then new patch came. This patch changed the talent trees. Changed them A LOT. Introduced a new profession and heavily nerfed the instances and raids.
In a couple of days it was "unsafe" to go to Quel'Danas because everytime you went a bit far away from the guards you were instantly killed by a rogue, a warrior with two huge 2h maces or feared to death by a demolock brother of Illidan
... then /hugging you to get the achievement of "make love not warcraft" :)

And now people is waiting the expansion more than ever, they say they are looking forward playing in Northrend and because of the big nerf of raids every hour is perfect to try a run in places where we didn't even think to go before.

So Wotlk is a raid boss with phases.
- Phase one --> Wotlk puts a dot on you, you suffered Depression and will cry hard because you will lose your "safe spot". The dot will affect you in your real life making you wish to log off and go to make a walk
- Phase two --> Wotlk create an enrage area where all your talents will be resetted. When you'll feel the talent tree you'll go ganking everything just to see "how it is now"
- Phase three --> the dot and the enrage area will vanish, you will be more or less as you were in the beginning of the fight but the desire to play that has been leeched from you in Phase one will be re-add now and will stack with your current state.
- Phase four (not yet tried) --> You'll trash all your epics because there a green necklace with +90 agilty and +900 spell power looted from a critter that allows you to go around naked and "still own noobies" :\


Anonymous Dan Willis said...

Love the Raid Boss Phases.


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