Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blood elf mount

Some weeks ago i've post a video, found on google, that pretended to show the new mount of the blood elves. And it was ugly :(

Now i've found some photos on a blog that show how the new mount will be... and I have to say that i'm starting to like it a little bit more :)

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Blogger AngryMidget said...

Don't worry thats not the Blood Elf mount. If Blizzard wanted us to know what the new mounts looked like they woulda shown us them. But obviously they didn't. Thats gotta tell us something.

Can you please tell me what template your using in blogger?

Blogger Lamthara said...

I don't know... I find that this "too grown chicken" is very nice. If it's not real well at least i hope the real one will be similar to these photos of Wowexposed :)

The template i'm using is "scribe"... just that i've uhm... modified it a bit (i've changed the CSS styles in particular) for to make it more beautiful than normal :P


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