Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shadow of the colossus... reloaded :)

In Outland you'll get used to the idea you'll have to fight colossus, big huge enormous giant humanoid demonic mobs ^^. There are more than one in every region and they are always an objective of a quest ^^.

Yesterday, for instance I have been able to finish a looooooooong boring quest-chain in Blade's Edge Mountains. The normal quests were absolutely annoying and they were only about killing stuff here and there but the last one was absolutely lovely and it was about killing Goc son of Gruul a Giant.

Called Lauras the paladin and Rinhio the warrior we have gone to Gruul's lair village, we summoned a npc to help us and we started to fight without thinking anything else... and we made Goc eats the dust at the first try.

Wonderful experience that i'm sure i'll make again soon when Lauras will take this quest as well and... in other places because now that i check the quest log i still have a couple of "group quests" in Shadowmoon Valley... ohohoh :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I got a brand new shoulders ^^

Ohhhh and finally I've saved enough primal moonclothes to be able to craft my own primal mooncloth shoulders. And so now I am just a one piece away from the complete primal mooncloth set... the cutting edge gear for an holy priest.

Actually i'm not holy, not yet, but nevermind ^^.

Changing the speech the guild i'm in is passing by a kind of crysis, a lot of people is yelling we don't make too many things together so we've decided to create two things:
1 - a mission called "adopt a noob". An high lvl toon (60 up) has to "adopt" a low lvl toon of another guildmate (below lvl 50) and help him once per week for questing, doing instances, give suggestions about how to use it, and so on ^^. I hope this will help my guildmates to be closer and help each other more than they've done so far
2 - a new role called "master of agenda" (or something as this... i'm not able to translate it well from the italian language. The duty of these guys is to set a guild event once per week. In this way i hope that meeting each other will push the firestarter button for making other things together beyond these events.

Do you think these are good ideas... ^^?

Monday, March 26, 2007

"first time" again...

During this week I've passed a loooooot of time with my guildmates, i've taken them to Uldaman, i've taken them to Scholomance and i've been able to take a friend of mine in outland, for the first time.

And see the new land through the eyes of someone who sees it for the first time is a nice experience. I've taken him around some places paying attention to protect him from the horde and the mobs... I've shown him how it works in Honor Hold... then I've taken him to Zangarmarsh and its astounding mushroom-city of Telaar... and in the end we've taken the path for Sharrath city. So i've shown him how he'll be able to go back to Azeroth through the portal of the Sanctuary ^^.

Every two or three sentences he said "Wow! Cool!" and i could feel how much excited he was so I really think that i'll be the official guide for all the new lvl 58 of my guild who'll pass through the portal of Blasted Lands ^^

Make the right thing... after all isn't this the duty of a good priest :PP

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A refreshing alternative toon ^^

As I said a week ago I'm levelling up this little rogue, Lamsoth, and I'm getting so much fun using it.
The reason i'm concentrating on this new toon is because i've reached lvl 70 and i've been covered by tons of things to do but my guild is small and even if i'd make all the reputations and all the attunements in a rush i should wait for the others as well.
So since to become exalted to a faction could be boring (it's only about farming after all...) I play as a nice priest one day... i collect a lot of thing, as much as i can (fel armaments, mark of sargeras, netherweave cloth, ecc....) and the other day i use my rogue that feel no regret if he cannot heal anyone and when everyone is die the only thing he do is vanish and run away in the shadows :PPP

Here you can see him getting inside Stranglethorn Vale, I dinged 29 yesterday and i'm close to 30 so i think that pretty soon i'll be able to to play with some mates and go to Gnomeregan for the ten thousandth time :PPP


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another me

Yesterday I got this surprise. A guildmate has decided to roll a priest and he has chosen to make it:
- female
- night elf
- with light blue hair

So now I have a twin in the nice land of Terdrassil... I'm so proud of you Brethil. Grow well and you can count on me for everything you'll need.
Just don't follow the shadow path as i did eheheheheh ^,,^

Changing a bit the topic now that i'm lvl 70 i'm wasting a lot of time farming reputation with this and that. I want to access in the high lvl instance but i also want to get all the recipes i can for enchanting and above all my favourite crafting profession: tailoring. In the meanwhile i'm leveling up a little rogue, Lamsoth, and I have to say that i'm just loving it.
A rogue is a pure melee class and probably it's just on the other side of the planet compared to an healer... you can't cast,you can't heal yourself, your objective is make the largest amount of damage you can not caring about anyone or anything... and it gave me the occasion to understand how instances work from the side of a normal player.

As an healer usually i don't really "play" the instance but my duty / job... call it as you like, is to monitor everyone health and keep him alive till the boss or the group is dead. Sometimes you're so concentrated that you don't even see the fights or the mobs... you only see bars going up and down (up because of you.. down because of mobs :P). As an healer you have to be pretty cold blooded because you don't have to keep everyone alive when things go wrong but you have to decide who'll be the one you'll make die by an horrible death. It's very funny and you feel as you are the hub around all the instance and your group moves. A mistake from you and everything goes wrong... and mistake from the hunters / tank / dpsers.... and you have to push your abilities to fix it (fade, shield, Prayer of mending, ecc...).

With a rogue is just different. Yes i'm still low level (just lvl 27) but doing the instances i've done so far (Deadmines, Blackfathon depths and Stockades) I've understood there is tactic even in the fight it's not jsut a "zerg the pull!!! and cross the fingers >__<" Rogue support the tank to take one mob down after the other, can sap or stun someone that is annoying the priest if his fade doesn't work, can do a huge amount of damage but is fragile as sugar glass. And above all... as a rogue you see the fight, you see which mob you have to take down before, which enemy you should sap or gouge... you should run to help the priest... you have to pay attention to move around the group of mobs because you could pull the other group close to the fight.

In a couple of words... I'm getting a lot of fun and i'm looking forward to have even this char at lvl 70 ^^

wooooah.. wall of text crits you for 94.000
you die! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why don't they make these stuff in Europe too??

Uff... ok that China is big and populated but i'd like to see these kind of things on my television channels too ^^

Monday, March 12, 2007

Once you got the bicycle... can't stop from riding it ^^
And the same rule can be applied even to the gryphons. Since i got this big chicken i can't stop myself and i use it almost everytime: to go back to the questgivers, to go into places even if it is faster to use the tiger or just to make a uhm.. flight around and see the areas from the point of view of the birds ^^.

Anyway i've discovered how important is to have a gryphon (or a flying mount anyway) in Outland because you can get some quests, or solve them, only if you're able to fly. For instance once you'll be asked to talk to a dragon in Shadowmoon Valley... and they only way you can go close to him is riding the gryphon, indeed ^^

Moreover, even if you can go almost everywhere with your tiger / horse / ram / strangebirdmachinethatmakespollution you discover that flying is just funnier. Because you don't have to follow the road, you don't have to worry about the mobs, you can fly over an horde city and finally see how they look inside....

...and because what you see on the back of your white bird is simply amazing. I think that when they've created these places they have thought they had to appear more and more beautiful on the back of the flying mount.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Et voilĂ ... on saturday morning i got my lvl 70 and now all the quests i do give me sooooo much money i think i'll retire, I'll buy a little house in Darnassus and I'll go to work as a normal priest in the temple of Elune.

...before that time, anyway, i think i'll get a little bit of fun using this white chicken, ohohoh :P

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I've discovered on a forum this official site called Armory. This is a site that is able to show a lot of interesting information about you... or about the other people you meet in Azeroth.

I've tried to see how much they know about me (i think they should know all but ok.. let's see how much their infos are updated ^^) and i've seen there is another Lamthara who should be just like me... night elf.... priest... sexy....
The only difference is that she's lvl 2 and I'll ding lvl 70 before the weekend.

Wow.... "Lamthara reloaded" if you read this please leave me a comment.

I'm so curious :)