Friday, September 15, 2006

We are surrounded by chocobos... and we're waiting for Jenova

I have found this movie on google and it shows the mount (or what it could be the mount :) of the blood elves.

ok... our bad "cousins" have strange hairs that remembers me Dragonball... they greet in the old chinese way... and now they have also a ostrich as a mount and this remember the nice game Final Fantasy where you can ride a Chocobo O___o''
Well now i'm expecting them to be able to cast an Hadoken, a Kamehamea and be so naughty that they won't kill monsters but get exp just going around and raise the skirts of the female night elves for to watch their white pants.

...Mmmm I have to remember that i always have to dress the trousers under my dress :P

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Blogger AngryMidget said...

That video was disproved even by blizzard themselves. They posted a nice big thing on the first website that had it saying that this was false an illegal hacked server the person doing this was banned and that is nothing more than a common plainstrider and a customized NE skin made out of a drawing.


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