Wednesday, July 02, 2008

a fast post....


it's not that i have vanished (above all for i'm a priest :P ) it's just that i'm very busy irl and tomorrow i'll go in vacation so i guess this little pause i've taken from the normal job of posting my wow life will keep on for a few.

Anyway i want to share with u a crazy dream i have done... 1 character per class.
If it is not clear enough let's explain in this way... i'm trying to lvl up from 1 to 70 one character per every class of the game. So after Lamthara, Lamsoth and Lamjang other will follow.

Actually i can say i'm halfway of my crazy objective since i have 4 lvl 70.... 1 lvl 68, 1 64, 1 60 and two lvl 42. So in a month (after i will come back from vacation indeed ^^) all of my cutie toons will take home in Outland.

Well... you can ask my why. The reason is simple :) I just want to be able to play this game in everyway it could be played... and that's possible only if u have an access to every class of the game. Levelling up doesn't annoy me (on the other hand i find quite amusing to try the same quest from a different point of you and see how easy are some of them if you use the right class) and in the end when the expansion will come i suppose i'll be able to be more than ready for its new content :).

...maybe another reason is because my guild has suffered a big schism. Some players have left to find an hardcore guild to allow them to go to Black Temple.... and now they are farming Karazhan just like they did with us :| some others just feel that the sun and beaches in this period are more interesting that Azeroth (well... i agree with them) so we have taken a break from the raiding content and i need something funny to do.

Cya in game and here as soon as i can :)