Saturday, December 29, 2007

hey dude, where's my epic mount?

it's nice to be a lock, you can kill people even when you're dead (dots :PP) you can have a second chance (soulstone) you can run more than the others (or better make them run as snails because of curse of exhaustion) and you can have a almost free epic mount (well... not that free since i have spent 500g but it's much more cheaper than buying it anyway ^^).

To get it you just have to go to the Altar of Storms in Burning Steppes and complete some quests that concerns:
- talk with that guy
- kill that other guy
- give to a stinking troll a lot of expensive stuff
- go to kick ass in Scholomance
...and in the end go to Dire Maul for the final step where you make an evocation and you get your mount (finally).

Thanks to my sweetest guild mates it has been (almost) a piece of cake. During the last quest you must kill waves of imps and felguards... and it's funny to say that just after i have set everything and the mob started to come the healer vanished :/ but lucky us we were all professional so we started to scream and run as suicide lemmings casting everything we had in our spellbook.

... i have no idea how i have been so lucky to get it but... here is my epic mount now :P
isn't it cute ^^ ?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Winter Veil (and Christmas as well ^^)

Winter Veil has come to Ironforge, Stormwind, Undercity and all the nice capitals of Azeroth (and Outland)... but outside this dimension there is an universe where the main festival is called Christmas.

Lamjang, Lamsoth and the sweet Lamthara will pass these days opening little packets under a big pine tree decorated with papers stars and blinking lights ^^... and i guess i'll do the same more or less as all the people i know.

So... may this Christmas give you the present you won't expect but that inside your heart you desire more than ever. Dunno... love, time, romantic moments, relax... anything.
Be happy and become a child even for a while ^^

Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm not vanished... really :)
Just that I'm pretty busy in real life and that's the reason i didn't have that much time to update this blog.

And maybe that's also because there aren't special news to give you ^^.

Yeah yeah... Lamthara has became holy (again :P ) but only when she doesn't have to rock and roll in arena.

Lamsoth has became a mace rogue (seriously... my heart cried seeing how ugly he is with the gladiator/merciless maces... it's like he has a kind of twisted engine attached to his butt) but he still suck playing arena with his mate... another rogue. I guess that the reason could be we're both dressed with thick paper :/

And Lamjang is growing so much she's lvl 66 right now and yes.. lvl 70 are afraid of me and they always come in two to kill me :P Anyway if you have in mind to roll a lock i give you this suggestion:
- spec affliction
- summon your imp and keep it passive
- dark pact is your friend

...seems stupid to summon the imp and don't use at all but you'll use instead... just like a free mana pot. Moreover his stamina buff will help you in the dirty job of draintanking. I've tried it for two lvls (64-66) and it works pretty well... i've killed around 12 mobs in a row and after i was still full of health and mana.

Cool, isn't it ^^? And you have some other tricks to teach me :) ?

Monday, December 03, 2007

1st december: Ganking Great Festival

Thanks to Deepdish and Nobrain, on the server i play (Burning Blade) has been organized a simple meeting between Alliance and Horde. The meeting point was the Shimmering Flats, near Tanaris... the reason was quite simple. A huge desert with no rocks, just a couple of mobs and nothing that could destroy the experience because of latency.

The meeting as at 21:00 but i can say we started to test each other also around 20:45 and after that it has been a feverish delirium :PP

From Shimmering Flats we moved to Feralas then Tanaris and then at last... a desolate spot in the middle of the hot desert. There was an army of them and i don't know but it seemed to me we got kicked pretty hard :/

I got some satisfaction being dead for a lot of time and running for minutes to my corpse... till be ganked again because the Allies moved backwards and once ressed i was surrounded by 50 bloodthirsty guys. Telling them i was a bunny hop hop hop didn't work :P

Then we got disconnected and we got a nice World Server is down" message :P
I left Lamthara there, on the hot sand, and decided to play a bit with Lamjang keeping in contact with the other brave guys who wanted to keep partecipating at the lag ehm.. gank festival :)

When once whispered me a GM came with the Martin Thunder. I guess Blizzard decided to cut out our craziness once for all.

Shame... :( i wanted to be killed by this mighty sword too