Monday, November 27, 2006

Nerf Holy Nova >____<'''

...because it's so strong we can go to the capital city of the orcs and kill everyone :P

But seriously this is a funny video made by four priests that decided to make a "raid" (well... kind of...) in Orgrimaar and use Holy Nova to blast everyone around them. They died, indeed, but i guess that the orcs will have to wait before they'll be able to check their bank account again :)


And finally I've written the post number 100.
My posting frequency is lower than before, in fact I can post only twice per week now but my feeling for this strange strange world of warcraft hasn't changed and i'm looking forward for the next expansion considering it'll give me a "couple" of new places I'll be able to visit :P

Thanks so much for reading me... and thanks for much for sharing your comments with me :)

Anyway... here's the new of today :)
On sunday morning i've gone to Scarlet Stratholme and i've finally been able to kill the demon inside. Just a little little little wipe caused by an undead incursion done in the middle of a pull (so we had to face around 12 mobs... :/ ). I've won a good staff and I was so close to win the Truefaith Vestments recipe... just that the mages are always better when it's time to play with dices ^^

Ah! I've also got the devout gloves. Just 5 pieces before being able to get my virtuous vestements.... (dreaming... ^___^'')

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tree of life ftw :)

another nice movie found on internet... this one shows the last spell of the next TBC expansion for the druids: the Tree of Life.

I'm a bit envy i cannot shapeshift as they can do instead.... :/

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'd like to try too, please :)

I've found this movie on Google... now i'd like to make the same thing they've done too... In a word a couple of guys have gone to Mount Hyjal and from an high mountain they've jumped down (probably using a spell which is similar to the priest's "levitate").

The nice thing is that in this way they've flied over Felwood and they've arrived till Auberdine, almost on the other side of Kalimdor continent!!! O___o''

Tonight if I'll have enough time i'll try to repeat their experience. Cross your fingers for me :P

Monday, November 20, 2006

How to raid and survive to the experience :)

Friday 17th :) Maybe for you it doesn't mean anything and it's a day just like the others but you have to know that in Italy the number 17 is considered pretty unlucky and the worst day you could face is friday 17th. On the other side we consider the number 13 very lucky and on friday 13th we go out expecting to find singing birds and blooming flowers... and not Jason with a chainsaw in his hands :P

Why am I talking about this ^^?

Because last friday we have organized our first guild raid... and we have chosen Crossroads in the Barrens as our target. Yes... pretty predictable but who cares, it's always funny to go there ^^. We wanted friday 17th to be an unlucky day even for the horde and maybe it has been...

Being the first time we organized a thing so big i have to say it hasn't been so bad. All the lowbies (and we have a lot of 'em) acted well... fought in group and have been able to kill a lot of hordes. More than I expected. But perhaps it's because we got an help hand from a few of ex-members that came to meet us in this joyful occasion :P

I don't know... but... i think that organizing a guild meeting more frequently it will help us to feel closer and like a real guild.
...not just a group of friends as we've been so far :)

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poetry in motion

I've found this movie (Edge of Remorse) on internet.

It is a machinima (a movie made using the models of World of Warcraft) and has won a lot of prizes. Close all the windows, Turn off the lights... and watch this wonderful piece of art :)

Monday, November 13, 2006


Friday night I reached level 60 :)

And I couldn't make it in a better moment... just in the middle of the fight with Baron Rivendare.
We lost anyway even if we tried to kill him three times... but who cares :P

I remember how i felt when i met priests of this level on the seashores of Auberdine...
or the first time i've seen a priest wearing the Vestments of Prophecy... and now i'm going to be one of them.

I feel like Elune has smiled to me this week :P

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Deconstructing Gui

I think that this post has been done in almost every blog that talks about World of Warcraft... and so here i am to describe my perfect healing interface.

I don't use anything to deeply hack the normal user interface... just a couple of addons to simplify my "second job" :P

First of all I've installed the old old old Benecast. Now i don't use it too much for i prefer to de-rank some spells and maybe i've learnt to play but anyway i describe you how it works. It creates some little icons of the spells you could cast on your party members. In this way instead of targeting the members and cast the spell... you only have to click on the little icon on his portrait's side.

Another good addon for healers is Serenity (the little sphere on the bottom right). It doesn't make anything special just make you become fast in the boring stuff like eating and drinking, mount the tiger, buff the people and so on... This nice addon is also useful for to see the remaining time of the spells you've casted so that you're able to know when you'll have to renew your... Renew :P

Then the nice Atlas that allows me to see the map of the instances... and a little addon called Healing Estimator that shows how much i overheal (and I do... i assure you :P).

Sometimes when i raid i use CT Raid Assist so in this way I'm able to break the parties in their class members (tanks here... casters there :P)... but most of the time i don't even load it, in fact in the photo i didn't have it because it was easier to have 2 big group columns instead of 6 or 7 little columns.

And since i like to have the biggest part of the screen dedicated to the beauties of the world I've reduced the gui around 60%... but my monitor is 20' so the buttons are still big enough to allow me to click them well ^^

What do you think?

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's a sad sad day :(

No photos for this post.

In a week four guild mates have left us for to go to another guild. Bigger, probably more organized and ready for the end instances.

So now I'm the one with the highest level in the guild... and no idea on how to make it works better.

/cry :(