Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why I love to walk in world of warcraft

Maybe it's not only me but it's a common feeling that i share with the others i meet in world of warcraft... but the reason i like Azeroth it is not only because it is my birthplace.
It's also (and maybe more... i dunno :) because when i stop to walk and i look around me it is like the world is full of life and vibrating, every place is a little poem made with the colors.

There are places that seem to blessed by the Ancient Gods, with quite and lazy insects that suck the honey from the flowers and fast birds that cover the sky with their games....

...and places that seem to be cursed and make you sick just watching them, populated by things with no name and eyes, abominious that cannot even be described because no one has invented words for them. They are just "monsters".

There is the magic, the thin essence that fills this world and make it works even if some people aren't able to see it...

There is the friendship of the people that is even more important than magic and that push me to keep on... for there is not a place in this way where i can go alone, but together with you there is no place forbidden ;)

And there is the moon i look at night, before going to bed, praying to Elune that will make this world rest a bit as i rest in the bed. The moon shines and smiles...


Blogger AngryMidget said...

Was that the spirit of Cenarious or something? in the picture.

Blogger Lamthara said...

Something as that ^^

You'll able to find him in Maraudon and he'll help you to finish a quest.


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