Friday, September 15, 2006

Another boss bites the dust :P

Finally i've been able to finish Uldaman :)
I've been invited by a very good party that i know and that helped be a bit with some quests and instances before. So I have taken the gryphon at Loch Modan and passing by the dam of Ironfonge i have seen the old kings of the dwarves smiling at me... maybe for they had an happy secret they wanted to share with me :P

Since the beginning i understood that time was different, the giant lady of the map chamber fell down in a few seconds thanks to the warriors and paladins... and the mage as well. It's a real satisfaction to see the bosses fall down so fast... and i didn't have to use too much mana to heal my mates, eheheheh :)

We walked and killed and rested and killed and walked... till we arrived to the sancta sanctorum of the last boss...

...and as usual this huge golem started to yell something to us but we had no ears for his useless words so the tank run to meet him, the rogue walked fast behind him to make him daggers find a way to his stone heart, the mage iced everything around herwhile the warlock casted all his curses...

...and the little priestess waited since no one was harmed yet :)

After long seconds we were finally able to /cheer and /clap. Geee.. even laying down on the floor this boss is taller then me :/

Once the boss has been wiped out the doors of the treasure room open and so you have then chances to complete some other quests ^^

I'm very satisfied :) and i really believe that i'll come back to Uldaman one day also because the Master Enchanter lives in this way instance and i'm so hungry of knowledge...

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