Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm a (white) bunny, hop hop hop :)

I'm poor... but not so poor recently and because of this i've decided to create a nice dress when i go to kill some monsters i can meet along my way (so +intelligence and +spirit... and no +healing). And so here it is: the supercutie mooncloth robe :)

I like the model of this dress a lot, it remembers a bit the wedding dress just more baroque in its drawings. The only thing i suffer a bit is that the sleeves are short and when I'm in Ironforge i don't care but try to go to Winterspring with this dress.

It's cold out there!!!! >___<''


Monday, October 30, 2006

Scarlet Monastery Reloaded

Stratholme, a city full of undeads, ghosts and ghouls in the middle of a nowhere called Eastern Plaguelands. Arrive to the gate of the city is hard, go back is harder. Survive... well let's talk about anything else :)

Friday i've received an invitation to help some people who had an appointment with the Scarlet Crusaders there. I accepted but during my flight on the gryphon and riding the tiger i kept on asking to myself what happened since i thought that the Scarlet scums lived only in the Scarlet Monastery.

Well... i was wrong :P

This is city is condamned, it's burning within because of its own sins, there are undeads everywhere and it is like we walked in a sicked version of Stormwind but it wasn't enough :/
Here there is the main base of the Scarlet Crusade.

Passed through a big gate controlled by a couple of guards you are able to see a shining marble castle and when you get inside and see the symbol on their flag... you could have what the french men call "déjà-vu" :P

What i have thought walking on those floor, seeing those corridors, killing those guards isn't different from what i've felt in the Scarlet Monastery. I felt as i were a little 40 level priest again... shivering from every scream behind the corner.

brrrrr.... this place is too much scary for me and thinking i have to go there again and again to get some pieces of my devout vestments... :/


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A brand new belt

Yesterday has been a strange day... a wonderful day... and full of surprises.

A couple of guildmates have bought at the auction house of Ironforge the devout belt for me. And so now I'm starting to think to "collect" the devout vestments so that i'll be able to be dressed as a real priest should be. And maybe i'll transform it in the virtuous vestments one day.

The days i'll be able to dress with the tierX robes are still far far away... but it's a good beginning above all thinking the love now i feel for my mates who has given me a so precious and nice present :P


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Creepy transformations :P

It's the Hallow's End festival!!! I live in Europe and here it's not so common but i like the idea in these days you can change your shape, race, dimensions :P
And so i've collected a few transformations i've got or seen...

The giant :)
I've met this nice guy in the auction house of ironforge. Cutie, eh?

The black cat. In theme with the spirit of Hallow's End. I went to Feralas to make some quests and i found myself transformed in this fast and mysterious animal :)

The uhm.... Diablo? Demon?
I got this transformation twice and now i can understand how a gnome can feel when he walks around the world. Everything around me has been huge for 20 seconds. A strange but not so bad feeling :)

And last but not least... the ninja!
I liked this mask more than the others so far because it last longer (1 hour) and above all because it transformed me in a human so that i could dance the Macarena instead of the sexy dance of the night elves :P

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When a dragon sleeps...

...nothing can wake him up :P

Recently i'm posting less but I keep on taking a look at the funny places of this strange world. And a new thing i've learnt is that when dragons sleep they make it so deeply you cannot wake them up.

I was in the Sunken Temple with a party and we have gone to meet the good-old-boy Eranikus the Dreamer. But since he was so tired of many wipes and fights he was sleeping and we haven't been able to make anything but a photo.

You can see me at his side while our warlock was trying to wake him up with a little spell :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Priests owns. Period.

I've found this video on google that shows a raid of then priests in Warsong... and they win as they are playing alone. Everything because every priests cast a SW:Pain of every enemy and so they are able to own almost everyone in a couple of seconds :P

This teach a thing i guess... but i let you know to understand what :P

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just Married :)

Monday. 10 p.m. Stormwind.
It has been an important day because Iceagesnow and Lilithin have, finally, married together... and i've been the one who made it :P

Celebrating a wedding isn't an easy task... and neither to prepare it is easy. You have to whisper everyone, remember them the appointment everytime you are online, you have to prepare the dresses, buy the fireworks, offer the beer... and so on :P

But the harder part is when you have to prepare the words you'll use in that occasion. And the words need to be beautiful, high and make the people feel that they are living a very special moment

For the occasion i also had to go to Scarlet Monastery to take a nice dress from the boss of the library. I think it fits me better than him ^^

By the way... The wedding has been very nice, all the online guild mates partecipated and came to the Cathedral of the Light. I was excited before and very happy after... as the couple was happy to be married, to be a couple... and when bride and groom became wife and husband they were able to walk 7 feet over the floor because of their happiness eheheheh ^___^

Iceagesnow, Lilithin may you be happy and have a life full of joy... in the world of warcraft... and in the RL above all :)


Monday, October 09, 2006

The joy to be a priest is that....

...you can celebrate a wedding ^^

Tonight at 10 p.m. (european time) on the Burning Blade server i'll marry two guild mates :)

Everything is almost done... the flower bouquet, the dresses...

I'm a bit excited :P

Thursday, October 05, 2006

And the fallen hero festival has arrived

Hi! I'm Nostalgia, the warlock :) Do you remember me?
Yessss... Lamthara asked me to go to take some photossss for her for the fallen hero festival and so here i am.

Assss you can see we, the Horde, like to make the thingssss in the right way. We have put not one but four (yessss sir, four :) tablessss outside the gatessss of Orgrimaar and around them the honoured heroessss of the four racessss.

I wassss so excited yesterday when i've taken a photo with the hero of ussss Forsakenssss. And she wassss a warlock just assss me.
But there issss a thing I cannot understand. But if we are undeadssss... then why she issss a ghost? O__o''


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ghosts and boars

Yesterday October the 3th was the "Honoring a Hero" festival and outside the gate of ironforge the good dwarves have prepared a looooooooooooooooong table full of yummy things as roasted boars, candy apples, warm chicken soup and fresh beer :)

Standing around the table you can see the ghosts of the honored heroes of the world of Warcraft... naughty gnomes, beautiful night elves, strong humans and uhm... beardy dwarves :P

The only thing i cannot understand is why there are no priest within the heroes... they seem to me all warriors, rogues and maybe mages....

I'm so disappointed :(

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A couple of nice places :)

Finally i've reached a good level of tailoring and this allow me to make mooncloth and bolts of runecloth eheheheh.... I'm looking forward to get my truefaith dress :)
But naturally... I have to get the runecloth before and so i've gone to the Eastern Plaguelands to take them from the undeads and i've discovered the tomb of Uther Lightbringer.

A place of serenity in the middle of the storm...

Going to the north then i've discovered a place with no nome where you'd be able to find the plague of the Scarlet Monastery. Here the Scarlet knights and mages make some cutie things like hang people on trees and cut the head of everyone who doesn't wear their ugly tabard.

I've tried to play a bit with them but seems to me they are too fragile... now i'm thinking to go there tonight and see if there is a castle, another monastery or stuff like that :P


Sunday, October 01, 2006






nervous >___<''

Lucky me there were tons of nagas to play with... :P