Monday, October 29, 2007

Ding!!! and Diinnng! :)

Lamthara is not alone, not anymore ^^
Saturday morning Lamsoth has woken up in Area52 and he's gone to kick some ugly butts... and while he was there bum! A little golden aura enveloped him and the exp bar disappeared ^^... and now a new rogue is ready for the arena.

To celebrate he has done a couple of matches with a shaman and a hunter and he realized he sucked pretty much :/ Probably it is because he has grown up killing mobs and he has never joined a battleground... Mmm but probably in a couple of weeks he'll be better ^^ so cheer for him and he'll grow stronger i know ^^.

On the other side Lamjang has finally got her mount. I remember the first time i had to buy the mount for Lamthara... she was almost 45 :/... and Lamsoth bought his epic mount only at lvl 68... instead Lamjang has just gone to Ironforge, talked to the trainer and.. voilĂ  ^^ a brand new burning horse only for her ^^.

Now... since the felsteed is a demon why doesn't it has a name :/ ?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I told you Moroes....

Oh... revenge is sooo sweet :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

just another video

Surving on Internet I've found this video.

A fan has made another video of the L70etc but i guess this one is even better than the original one made by blizzard.

You can take a look here -- > LINK.

Now... i see that in the video the models seemed to be done in celshading... I'd be so nice if this thing would be made in the game too...

...and even more gnomes!!!

I know Brewfest, as someone said, is pretty nonsense and worthless but it as two nice things to win. The first is the mount, indeed... the second is a pair of glasses made with the bottom of two beer bottles that allows you to see gnomes everywhere you go.

Yesterday I've gone with my guildmates (a night elf warrior, a draenei shaman and an human rogue) to Uldaman... it was only an easy run to smash here and there, take some coins and help a friend to do some quests there BUT... with my brand new glasses everything was better than ever ^^.

It is pretty weird to do an instance where everything is made by gnomes, but the bosses. And no need to say that i'm the only female gnome when i wear those glasses

For Gnomeregan!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One cold for me... one cold for ya!

Brewfest is a nice new festival that takes place in Ironforge (and the other main cities of Azeroth). I've left a lot of time before going there considering that i don't drink beer but once I've read i was able to find a way to please my cute warlock Lamjang... i didn't waste the time and i've run there as fast as i could.

So I've taken care of some rams and I've yelled how beautiful this festival is a couple of time and I've been able to get my new googles ^^

With these on Lamjang won't miss Gnomeregan anymore because everywhere she goes she can see gnomes.

For instance this is a shot of a normal afk rogue :P

Pretty normal eh :) ? blue hair, sharp knives, long legs... but Lamjang just has to put her new googles on and here how she is after the make up:

Simply wonderful!

Now i will try to go in an instance with my glasses and see how a gnome priest is ^^