Thursday, March 12, 2009

The EVE Online Project

Well, since i've seen all of the things i could see in WoW right now and i'm waiting to see the content that will be given in the next patch i've decided to try a new mmorpg... at least for its trial period.

And i've chosen Eve Online for a lot of reason but just to expain the main of them i'd say the reason is because is very different from WoW and every mmorpg i've seen around so far.

Eve Online is a sci-fi  mmorpg, you play the role of uhm... man or woman who live in a very far away future where the conquest of the space has been done and it's normally accepted just like breathing. The Earth conquered a distant portion of space that could be reached only by a wormhole. The human kind conquered a lot of planets, moons and built orbital stations... then the wormhole collapsed and all those pioneers had been cut out from the Earth, developing different cultures. Some of them became slavers of other races, some of them create a "democracy" based on corporations... and so on :P

Differently from other games out there you can't control your "toon". Actually you won't even be able to see him, the only thing you'll have to feel close to him is the little portrait on the top left corner of the screen. On the other side you'll have a lot (and with "lot" i mean "LOT!!!!") or spaceships that you'll drive to make your missions, to play pvp, to harvest gas and ore... they'll be the tool you will use to reach the goals you'll set in the game

So... what can i say? EVE Online isn't WoW in every aspect i've seen. Wow is much more easier to play, you are slowly introduced in the game mechanics and as the time has passed it has really become easier to play for people who don't want to "waste time". EVE, on the other side, wants you to know what you're doing and not always tell you "how to do things". In my experience it happened that i wasn't prepared to face what i did and i discovered what went wrong just talking with people that started to play this game a lot of time ago.  Oddly this is a good thing because the community is friendly and this is one of the way you can know more people and start to play with them instead of being alone all the time. Wow sometimes can be considered an online single player, in particular when you lvl up (i call him a single player with a chat), in this aspect wow is still funny... eve online, on the other side, becomes fastly boring after a bit if u play alone. 
But once you have someone to play with, do missions with or just chat with in the meanwhile you quest this game becomes a nice way to waste your time. Really it does :)

There are some con's.... the biggest of them is that rarely you'll feel really close to your avatar because you never see him. There are some pro's anyway.... the biggest of them is that your avatar is just you :)

If you want to try a game that has great potential to make you forget other mmorpg... try Eve. After all those raids it's refreshing to try something new. Trust me :)

p.s. no.. i won't leave WoW but at the same time i think i'll try to keep on playing eve for as long as i'll be able to... or at least i will re-play Eve with a subscription in the next future since the laptop i've used so far is quite sucky and my mac-ppc can't digest the version of the game the developers have done :)


Blogger Shalkis said...

Welcome. Just remember not to anything you cannot afford to lose. ;-)

There's also an in-game channel called eve-bloggers if you want to chat with like-minded people.

Blogger Lamthara said...

thanks a lot!

I'll join the channel once i'll log in tonight ^^

Blogger Cylon said...

I have tried eve a few times with the trial but i could never really get hooked for one key reason. The skill system... It just seems a bit unfair that players that have been around for so long will always have the upper hand. That is probably one of the main reasons why wow is so successful, because a newer player can always catch up to a veteran player.

Blogger Lamthara said...

yeah maybe... but consider that the skill system is very complex... maybe u are interested in research or production in that case a guy with only 2 weeks of playing will pwn u in pvp ^^

don't know... i was hooked but the expansion came out and my laptop haven't been able to run it anymore... :|

Anonymous Anonymous said...

llaaaaaaammm sono arien :).. sto cercando di ocntattarti per ripristinare il vekkio gruppo di giocatori di wow.. spero tu legga qsto mess o spero di riuscire cmq a contattarti in qlke modo... rispondi qui se puoi o usiamo msn

Blogger Lamthara said...

weh ^^ ciao Arien :)

per contattarmi bastava usare l'indirizzo email che c'è anche in questa pagine (
per il resto come butta ^^?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bene bene :).. si è vero c'era l'indirizzo email ma sai k sono un genio e nn me ne sarei mai accorto :)... te come va?

Blogger Lamthara said...

ehm... bene ^^ ma perchè non mi scrivi... giuro che via email parlo di più :PPPPP


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