Thursday, September 28, 2006

cold, wet and slippery

From the hot sand of Tanaris i've decided to make big change and i've gone to try a run in the Sunken Temple, also know as Temple of Atal'Hakkar... in the middle of a wet and stinking swamp :P

Only the top of the temple emerges from the water... and for to pass through its gate you have to swim in a green soup of mud and other things that, actually, don't even what to know what they are :P

Once inside you can realize how much this temple was precious and important in the past. All the walls are carved with nice drawings and pictures... even if most of them have something uhm... evil...

Probably i should go to learn the history of this place in the library of Stormwind... for i'm a bit curious to know what happened in the past and what the God of this temple was :)

Inside, the building is all made by loooooooooooooooooong corridors and little rooms/halls where you'll find a lot of enemies. Some of them are just trolls but most of them are monster 100%... things that cannot exist in nature. And so we have the duty to delete them from this world :P

You can see us doing the cleansing job... and the cutie priestess (me) kicking asses all around her ^____^.

The biggest room i've seen so far inside the temple is all built around a circular pit and i have no idea about the use of it. Was it used in the past for human sacrifices? Is it the only was we can have to go on another level of the building?

I don't know because, before to face the first boss, our warrior had to go and so we have decided to face this instance another time, alas :)

Anyway it's funny to think we haven't been the only visitors of this place. Here you can see our party and two little guys that probably have stayed in the temple too much.

I've always said that humidity isn't good for you health... look how much skinny they look like :P

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