Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear Lamthara...

The quest of the little draenei has been so nice and in the end i got a new pet, Willy - the sleepy beholder. Now when i go around all the critters try to hide themselves because the eye ray-beam of Willy shows no mercy!

Anyway Dornaa was so cute as well. She wrote me some days after i have left her and she told me she'll go to school in Exodar with a good tutor that will make her skills get higher than ever ^^. Good for her... these are the kind of quests i like. After all she told me she'll want to be just as I am when she'll grow up!

Then, in the honor of Dornaa, I've gone to Mechanar and Botanica :)

Mechanar is simply amazing, very beautiful, nice enviroments and nice drops ^^. I went it once already before but never finished; this time instead, with a good group I've arrived till the end and got the first part of the key for Alkatraz. Then I've made a trip to Botanica even if, sadly, I've not killed the last boss because i had to go to have dinner :)
Well next time ^^'
Anyway for what i've seen this instance is pretty strange. Most of the bosses can be skipped (i guess all of them but the last one) for they walk on a bridge and they are on the side of the party's path... so you can go straightforward to the end of the instance, nuke the Warp Splinter and then go back and kill every single boss as a good farewell to this strange instance.

Uhm... gotta try this once :P

Friday, May 25, 2007

I became a mother...

...well a stepmother to be honest anyway it is going to be fun ^^.

I have to look after a little draenei child and she is making me fly and run all over Azeroth and Outland. Wow... it is hard to be a mother anyway i'd like to know if i'll be able to see this child after this quest chain :) and i'd be so happy to know that after i'll leave her she'll tell me she'd like to become a priest when she'll grow up :P

I'm sure, anyway, i'll remember her because after everything she'll give me one of these wonderful pets:

Willy, the sleepy beholder...

Egbert, the skizobird...

Peanut, the baby Elekk...

...I think I'll take the sleepy beholder. Then i'll go to Stormwind to take the pig and i'll make them fight together ^^

In the beginning...

...was the whisper. Then came a sight. And finally there was a Murmur :)

Yesterday i got enough time to face Shadow Labyrinth till the end. I've read the book of blood and i've found a good group to face the mighty Murmur.

This huge elemental (that remembers maybe too much Ragnaros) starts with 30% of this health but last long as well and has some special tricks... one of the naughtiest is called "murmur's touch" and transform you in a kind of kamikaze. After 15 seconds you release an aoe spell that destroy almost everything around you so the tactic is... when you have this debuff... run away from the others and face your destiny (hoping you have enough health to be alive after to be able to talk this tory to your nephews in the winter's nights ^^).

Anyway if you pay attention to the boss' tricks you should be able to see Murmur saying "Gosh... I forgot to turn off the television at home, gtg txcyabb" and disappearing he will leave his mace on the floor.

Just sad because even if i won the leggings of assassination i cannot use them and so i had to disinchant and got an shard... better than nothing ^^

Friday, May 18, 2007

The way we were...

Found this video on internet... and it remembers me the days before the expansion ^^.
Now everything should be rewritten to introduce the mighty classes of tanking felguard demo-lock, the holy pala of infinite mana regen, the happy shadow priest who is nerfed by every single patch released and, we can't forget them, the army of "legolaases" made by blood elves hunters.

Anyway... the song is also nice ^^

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shattered Lamthara

Yesterday I've joined a group for Shattered Halls.
And I've been able to see how the first boss was at least ^^. The group was quite strange... this instance asks a lot of crowd control and we had no crowd control at all (or at least a very fragile crowd control ^^).
There was the tank... the pala and me. No crowd control.
Then the hunter... only frost trap.
Then warlock... only charm and fear.

It was outstanding we were able to arrive so far considering that we had to take down 6 or 7 mobs in a row just fearing them... concentrate on one.. fearing again and so on. I have never realized so clearly how strong i was... and how fragile i was at the same time.

I hope to see the end of this instance one day ^^

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An old movie

Since i don't have too many things to talk about because Lamthara is farming motes to craft primal moonclothes (and looking for someone able to make me the whitemend set) and Lamsoth is slowly climbing the level ladder (yesterday he's gone to Nethergarde Keep... wow... the sight of the Dark Portal was so strong i am looking forward to be lvl 58 as soon as i can)... the only post i can do is about a nice movie i have found on internet.

This movie is old but i hope you'll appreciate it. Don't cry, ok ^^?

Monday, May 14, 2007

After... south park....

...it's Simpson time!
I laughed out a lot seeing this little video ^^

Friday, May 11, 2007

mission accomplished!

And also the good boy Lamsoth got his mount.

Yesterday i have been touched by the shopping fever, i have sent 50g from Lamthara to this brother rogue, but they were enough only to get the skill.... i had to get somehow even 9g for the tiger.
So log on again with "Lam", sold a couple of stuff and here we are again, a new tiger, a black one for the next lord of the shadows...

ehm.... ^^

Thursday, May 10, 2007

craft epix ^^

10 p.m. the long cooldown is finished and i have created two primal moonclothes... then i have finally seen i were able to craft the last part of the primal mooncloth set: the robe.
Ohhhh nice nice now i really look as a real priest and i also look very very very beautiful for all that blue fits with the color of my hair.

For the occasion i've also decided to drop my staff and i've taken the Essence Focuser as the main weapon and a good off-hand taken from a quest in Shadowmoon Valley... so now i arrive at +1100 healing bonus. With the trickets on i can arrive to 1300... not that bad for a shadow priest ^^

Now i'll try to find someone for the whitemend hood and pants and then i'll take some good gloves/bracers. now i'm looking at the arena since it is the fastest way to get something... then who'll know :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The rogue theory...

Dinged level 40 I've headed to Tanaris just as Lamthara did the first time ^^
I'm very happy i've left Desolace and Stranglethorn Vale... the first is a very annoying place, the sky is always gray and I think that if you stay there too much time you'll finish to be depressed and suicide :/
STV instead isn't that bad, the enviroment is nice, there are ruins, villages, a lot of quests, the rastafarian trolls (relaaaax.... :P ) but even if pvp is exciting sometimes you only want to finish that quest and corpse run/corpse camping is pretty far from being fun.
So... Tanaris is the way ^^.
I like the sun, i like the desert and i simply love Zul Farrak, one of the best instance moments i've played so far was on the temple stairs of this instance ^^. Very challenging for everyone and above all for a priest. Now i'll try to see how it is on a pure dps/melee prospective.

...anyway i am almost lvl 41 and i still haven't the tiger :/

...anyway 1 day 13 hours to craft the primal mooncloth robe with Lamthara. Yaiiii ^^

Friday, May 04, 2007

waiting for the tiger.... again.

Recently i'm playing a lot with my rogue Lamsoth.
He's reached lvl 39 and he's doing a lot of quests in Stranglethorn Vale, the reign of ganking :)

With Lamthara I've never passed too much time here... just gone a couple of time in Zul Gurub (boring experience in my opinion...) and the only thing i've seen has been Booty Bay as the only confortable connection to Kalimdor. So all the quests are new to me and i'm starting to like them even if most of them is related to drop a certain number of things from trolls, crocolisks and gorillas ^^. Somehow they remember me the quests in Nagrand... so i think that Blizzard has done a wonderful work of "copy&paste" here... but it's ok... it's fun as well considering here i have to watch my back all the time since i'm low level and in the bottom of the food chain. Sometimes i die sometimes i kill... and honestly i kill more than i could expected before; probably being able to run faster than every toon, being able to vanish and stun in a lot of ways helps me :)

I count to ding lvl 40 today then i'll go to Darnassus to pick up my tiger again, black this time. Cross your fingers for me :P

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

From Naxx, with love....

There are things you can do only when you're revered with the Argent Dawn, you have 60g in your wallet and half an hour of free time.

First thing... go to the Auction House and buy a nexus crystal and two arcane stones. More or less you'll spend 30g, and you'll feel that you'd doing a stupid thing but maybe it'll worth :)

Then go to Menethil Harbor, in Wetlands, enjoy the breeze, listen to the songs of the sea gulls and then take the first gryphon flight for the Eastern Plaguelands.
Destination Light Chapel... I haven't been there since i was 60 :)

Never like that place... it's like a polluted land. The air is brown, there are mushrooms and humidity everywhere. The only good side of this place is that the cost for an apartment is not that much since you have to share the condo with undeads and ghosts.

...take your tiger, horse or anything you have and go to find a spiked ziggurat. There you'll find a portal... get in the portal and.......

Welcome to Naxxramas :)
Simply priceless what you can do with 60g :P
I have always dreamt to go there at least once in my life and here i am.

Ok... i have no army behind me but i'm a priest and the useless spell they gave me can allow me to make a trip in this instance with no harm ^^ (for the people who don't know what i'm talking about, I mean "Mind Vision" :P)

The first boss i hunted was Patchwerk... i jumped from mob to mob and got the nice mob. Isn't he sweety with all his chains, blades and the guts out of the belly ^^?

Then i have gone to another wing and I've stucked my vision on a flying mob that took me to another boss :P

Noth seems a bit worried and sick too. Probably he is not a real plaguebringer, maybe he has just a normal flu... nothing an aspirin can't solve. Anyway nice shoulders ^^.

The spider wings was a failure :/ There were too many doors so i haven't been able to see anything but the first two rooms....

And finally the last wing... full of humans and undeads who like to play together as brothers.

On the floor below there are the four horsemen. I'm asking who'll be the one who'll clean them.... i mean those are normal horses, not undead... so i think they'll lose the fur, they'll poo... lucky me i had the cold and my nose is closed :P

Now I only have to convince ten or fifteen of my guildmates who are lvl 70 to come here with me and clean it a bit.
The bosses have a loooooooooooooooooooot of health but the normal trash mobs can be easily done and i think that it would be nice to try.

After all i have always wanted to get the tier3 and its winged shoulders ^^