Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yeah, I'm the best there is a what I do...

...but what i do isn't nice!

I have to be sincere. Sometimes to be a priest is tiring and people don't thank you enough. If everything goes smooth as silk then people think it's just "normal", viceversa if things go wrong they blame the priest because she hasn't been good enough to heal everyone.

Actually not everyone is in this way and i'm luck because i meet people that understand that it's not because of you or me... it's about the group since it is the group that wins, and it's the group that loses... and that the alchemy that make the party strong is made by everyone, not by only the priest or the tank :)

Anyway, just to laugh a bit i've found this little game that pretend to make you dress the "robe of a priest" and make you try to heal a raid party... and make you see how people react when they die...

Ah! Just before you start... don't take it too seriously. It's impossibile to win :)



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