Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The end of Gahz'rilla

As my grandmother said "every promise you make binds you"... here i am to explain the end of Zul'Farraq.
Our heroes, once got inside the temple, decide to warm their bones around a camp fire before to start... and not only because the night, in the desert of Tanaris, is very cold but also because in this way their friendship will become stronger than ever while they eat marshmallows and sing old songs :)

Let's say that differently from the previous post i have to admit that not everything has gone ok as hoped :) In fact once we made a not so very intelligent pull and the monsters have wiped us out. I didn't want... but in that case I have shown my cold blood and i have used the last magic ability that only a real priestess can use. A secret that is told only in the santa sactorum of the temple of Elune in Darnassus. The magic tactic also called "corpse run"and that can be describe as: "Run! Run and never look back!".

In the photo you can see a group of my fans that usually follow me in the instances for to take photos and cheer me while i heal the party :P

Ok, stop diversions now :) Well, the final boss of Zul'Farraq is Gahz'rilla, a huge hydra that can be summoned only if you have a special mallet. A magic object you can obtain from the trolls of Hinterlands (and we are talking about a dangerous place in the north of the western continent). With that mallet in your hand you go and play the gong and in a quick the nice monster appears inside the pool, starts to walk around the temple, takes a nap, turns on the television to see a movie and makes all the things that usually a monster does.

Honestly i was pretty scared by this monster because its dimensions are beyond everything you can imagine. It's so big that when i went close to its legs my mates had some problem to recognize me from the fleas Gahz'rilla had on the feets. This hasn't stopped us to teach an hard lesson to the hydra :)

Anyway Gahz'rilla is a very interesting monster because its death gives you the chance to obtain a special tricket :P a little carrot that if you take always with you push your mount to be faster than normal.

I've won the carrot, i've put in my pocket and now... nothing changes O__o''' could it be that maybe it's because tigers don't like vegetables?!?

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