Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lamthara is discovering new worlds....

Well well well... I guess it's not a great discover that recently i was trying new path to play online. First a whole new class in WoW and second a trial of a different game.

Ehhh.... I've decided to try the big jump and so I've freezed my wow account and now i'm trying new mmorpg since it's the gaming genre i like the most :P
Right now, thanks to the 7 days trial i've decided to give Age of Conan a try and so Lamthara has changed race (aquilonian instead of night elf ^^ ) and passed to cut and colour her hair before stepping in the new world of Hyboria.

And so... here is the new Lamthara....

I've decided to be Priest of Mitra because... well... Lamthara is a priest after all ^^.

Now you see her sitting down on a rock in front of the beautiful see of Tortage waiting me to give are a go :P

By the way I'm thinking that after this i have to change the topic of this blog....

...actually i'm thinking to try out a lot of mmorpg since i'm curious to taste the different flavours of this genre. Age of Conan, Lord of the rings, EVE, free to play mmorpg, etc. etc. etc. 

I'll try to create a Lamthara in every of this games and let her run through the quests, instances and scenarios... and let's see what will happen.

Are you still with me :) ?


Blogger KevinMC said...

Definitly, I have been enjoying reading your blog for a while now. I can't blame you for wanting to try other games, there are a lot of MMO's out there and they all offer something a little different. So keep it up keep posting and good luck in AOC.

Blogger Lamthara said...

I'll tell u what i've told to my guildmates: "i'm taking a vacation from wow :P"

Considering i've seen and tried all that game had to offer me why not to try different experiences :) ?

I don't regret the time i've spent playing the blizzard masterpiece... but let's see what others have to offer me :) that's what i think :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ciao lammooooooooo... io ora gioco a wow sui server gratis italiani ma mi sto gia rompendo le palle=)
com'è age of conan??? dimmi ke se è bello ti raggiungo=)

ARIEN (il tuo luogotenente fidato)

Blogger Lamthara said...

io ti dico di provarlo :)

secondo me è un grandissimo gioco.
ora come ora lo sto lasciando un po' di lato perchè mi sto concentrando su eve online ma age of conan è quello che dovrebbe essere wow secondo me... e che invece non è.

provalo :) tanto hai 14 giorni di trial gratis... in 14 giorni provi una classe o due e fai il livello 20 secondo me... inizi a vedere la zona iniziale di Tortage e magari ti vedi pure le città delle tre fazioni (magari stygia e aquilonia)

Se vuoi beccarmi sono su Crom.. scrivimi che ci facciamo due robette assieme :PP


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