Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a new druid buff!!!

I've found this movie on internet... maybe it's a bit old but it made me laugh. Hope you'll lol as i did :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

I've lost my ears >__<'' !

There a lot of nice quests and instances in Outland but sometimes it is nice to go in the old places... the green trees of Ashenvale, the sand of Silithus... the.. the... of Desolace ^^
I've been whispered by a mage that asked me to help them in this instance... I said why not and so after a fast summoning i've met the shiny land of Tanaris again :)

This place is strange because you get inside a cavern but once you pass through the instance gate you find yourself in a wicked version of Hillsbrad Foothills... and if you are not human you become human as well :/
I find myself transformed in a blonde girl with a stupid face and two huge boobs... poor Lamthara -___-''

In this land there is a big fortress, the humans are all enemies (pretty hard to kill too...) and there is a kind of detention camp for orcs.
To create a diversion you have to destroy the barracks and kill the guards and the boss of 'em... a hug soldier who has the use to fear all the tanks and try to kill the priest when everyone else is running away from him.

Once you have destroyed the camp you get some quests concerning the liberation of Thrall but here i cannot tell you too much...

In fact once we got inside the keep the tank has been disconnected by the server and the mage went offline as well.
So i don't know how this odd instance finish but I have to say it is very particular and for sure i'll try to make it again :)

When gryphons are demodé

I've got the occasion to try to use a couple new flying animals recently ^^.
If you want to try the first one you don't have to do anything but to go to the Cavern of Time in Tanaris. I have to admit i've not understood too much the story about this instance (yes... there is a npc that talks talks talks... but I put myself in follow and i've gone to prepare me a orange juice so... :P) but the idea i can use dragons to go faster in the place there is the action is very nice ^^.

Strangely the path these dragons follow is the same of the gryphons' but you feel you're an hero when you ride them.
Instead when i'm on the gryphon i feel i have taken a taxi cab... and neither a good one but a cab built in the 1960, with broken seats and a drunk driver :/

The second one is a "cameo" given by Blizzard in the beginning of some quests given by a strange guy called Altruis (who isn't "altruist" since he makes anything in his power to give me things to do that could kill me).

By the way in the beginning of the quests Altruis allows you to ride his Nether Drake and... woooooooah... this mount is very very very fast and if you feel like a hero when you ride the dragons... riding the Nether Drake you really feel "You are prepared" (if you know what i mean :P).

I don't know if they have decided to give you the occasion to ride the Nether Drake only for to make you wish to have one... but it worked with me.
Only that I'm not good in pvp :'(

Friday, February 23, 2007

...Diamonds are my best friends ^^

I've left Tarokkar forest some days ago and I've rent a bed at the inn of Telaar and so now I'm ready to make some quests in Nagrand.
I like this place, with its open fields, with the green grass that surrounds everything, the quiet villages (well not so quiet... but it's ok ^^) and the paths that seem to lead me in a place then almost in the end they turn and you'll find yourself on the other side of the planet with a giant canyon that keeps you far away from the place you wanted to be.

But Nagrand is also famous for its giant diamonds. They are huge... more than i could think or i could understand from the photos taken by the other people i know *___*!!!

I think this will be a place of a giant battle between me, the voidwalkers... and some strange entities that have no name yet (or better they have but i'm too lazy to check again in wowwiki :P)

I cross my fingers I'll become 70 soon so I'll be able to make some nice shots from the top of the diamonds using the gryphon to arrive there :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a bad... omen?

For the lunar festival you are invited to visit moonglade, have good time there, shoot some fireworks and give your ancient coins so that you'll be able to get some nice rewards (candles, robes, pants, stuff :).

In the meanwhile you can visit this quiet land that is closer than ever to the "old and mystical japan" in my imagination ^^. No seriously... there are wooden houses, quiet rivers, huge trees with a belt made of paper.... but by the way... the that's not what i wanted to talk about.

If you go to Stormrage Barrow Dens you can find this strange doggy called Omen. He has two head, he's blue.. and there is an icy halo around this body. Ah! And his level is a skull O__o. Now... all the times i've visited this land I've never ever found this mob so what's going on?

Mah... I decided to not to face the boss so I've gone to Nighthaven to redeem the coins and get a stylish violet chinese robe. Nice eh ^^?

This doesn't mean i won't face him soon... maybe with the help or a mage or a lock :P I'm so curious to see what it drops ^^

Monday, February 19, 2007

Shadow of the colossus

Yesterday i was putting the word "End" to the last quests i had in Terokkar forest and so with a friend of mine we have decided to face two group quests... one was about killing an undead dragon... and the other was about killing a giant earthworm.

It was funny to see that even if the quest told that we had to be at least 3 we have been able to face them just in two. A shadowpriest... a fury warrior... a maybe a bit of luck on our side ^^.

The tactic was pretty easy. I put the dots on the bosses (SW:Pain, Vampiric Embrace, Vampiric Touch) and healed my "pocket tank" Ajantis (a guildmate i'm questing with till i got in Outland) till he got enough aggro to allow me to nuke the mob without the worry to get its attention. Not that i'm that much.... but with dots, mindflay and the new shadowfiend we were able to see the health of them go constantly down.

It's nice to make the quest so easily ^^

Monday, February 12, 2007

Things happened in a couple of days...

It's a long time i don't update this little diary and so i've collected a few strange facts I'd like to remember in the future.
For instance I've chosen to be friendly with the Aldors... just because i'm a tailor and i'll be an holy priest pretty soon. So I've taken the lift, i've talked with some people and i've seen that one of them will be able to give me the Avatar set. Now :/ are you telling me that my ears are so pointy that will make two holes in the hat? :'( are you telling me my ears are too long... :'(
Thanks to you all... you made me cry... :'(

Moreover I've found this strange thing... I was flying from Darnassus to Auberdine and i've logged off. Once i logged in again a strange "fatigue" bar appeared so that i think that i was so lucky auberdine is just a couple of seconds away from Darnassus.... otherwise i could die on the gryphon. O____o'''

But there is funny thing. In the lower city of Shattrath I've found this guy: Adam Eternum.
Uhm... Do you remember where you've seen him already ^^? I've not talked with him but i'm sure he has the power of the gray skull... whatever it is...

And one last thing... i'm growing a little draenei mage. In their island there is a strange quest where you'll learn the furbolg language... and in the end you'll be transformed in a ghost panther and everything around you will be shifted in a dreamland... the colours will fade away... everything will be blurred...

A friend of mine who is a mage told me that there is an effect as this when you cast the invisibility spell. That was strange anyway... I think this is closer to the feeling i should feel once dead more than the normal death effect.

If you want to try that just roll a mage (i don't know if it works with every char...) and just lvl him or her till lvl 6 when you'll be able to take this strange strange strange quest :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

WoW! It's Mario

The title says it all :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mulgore is nothing!

Yesterday I've decided to make some trips in the new lands of Outland and so I've pointed my tiger to Nagrand, a land in the south of Zargarmarsh.
Once you get inside this land you'll see how different it is from the swamp you've passed your last two levels... and above all the feeling you could have from it are 10 times different from the ones you got in Hellfire Peninsula.

Here everything is blooming, there are nice rivers, floating green islands, trees everywhere and big beasts... well most of them aren't exactly friendly but it's not a problem :P you can always avoid them running as fast as you can. If you have a bit of time and you haven't visited this part of Outland... go and check it out ^^. Expecially if you're a tauren and you're homesick...

...or you're a little gnome that has passed a lot of time on a dusty floor of an abandoned tavern in the middle of Raven Hill... as Lamjang is doing right now ^^

Friday, February 02, 2007


She just dance as I do. Or maybe even better... :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Unleash the fury....

...of the mighty infernal chicken of the Death.

This post is non-sense as the quest my friend warlock has done.
He had this quest for the "summon infernal" spell and asked me to help him so we have gone to the Dark Portal and Felwood to take some reagents, after we have found the rest of a Infernal (an elite of lvl 55), killed him again and then gave everything to a special couple: Niby the warlock and Impsy the imp ^^.

Niby instead of summon an infernal has summoned a super big chicken that started to crit my warlock friend.... oh boy ^^ that was fun.

Now he can summon an infernal the only problem is that the big green guy is good and quiet for only 5 minutes after it understands that my friend isn't so nice and so it starts to kill him instead of the mobs :P