Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jurassic park!!!

Tired of the sand storms that push me to keep my eyes almost closed and the dust that get inside my boots i have decided to leave Tanaris for a while and take a look at Un'Goro Crater. The path that leads you there gives you the welcome with you big obelisks... I have always loved the egyptian architecture so i consider this a good sign :)

As usual i have a particular idea about Un'Goro Crater could be... before i have gone there. And as usual i was wrong. I imagine this place like an harder version of Desolace, with rock and a grey sky and instead this is a nice place! It's full of green trees, water and it could be considered like a special version of jurassic park since there are dinos everywhere ^^

Most of the monsters are just fatty lizards with fangs and claws but some of them are huge and make little earthquakes when they walk... and my heart shaked in fear the first time i saw one of them.

This place is absolutely delicious :)



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