Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back :)

It's quite a lot i don't write anything on this blog... and honestly i missed it but my life has been quite hard recently :/ a lot of stuff to do and so even if it took only a few minutes to drop a comment or leave a post... i've always done something else.

Well... things happen, don't they :P ? Anyway i'm back.

In all of this period i've kept playing at WoW and i've leveled up Lamthara and my dear protection warrior Lamshataar... well a wannabe tank but who cares... i love to take some kicks and smash teeth with the shield sometimes, eheheh ^^

What i've realized so far is that even if this expansion is all new the things i could see are almost finished so or i'll talk about what i've done so far.... and it would be quite boring for you, i guess... or i'll focus to explain the way i play soooooo i have decided to write a post for every instance and every raid i've done so far.... from deadmines to Naxxramas 25 :)

Let's hope you'll find it useful and shiny flash heals on you all ^___^'


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