Monday, March 30, 2009

priest..... against.... druid

I am a bit annoyed... i guess you all understood it :P so i decided to change they way i play.
I have been an healer and a tank so far. My healer was Lamthara, an holy priest... and my tank is Lamshataar, a protection warrior.

But I don't know if i'm bored because in this expansion there are only a few raids to do, a few instances to do, and the place to discover has been discovered aeons ago... or because i know these classes so much that there is no more thrill to cast my Prayer of Healing for the one hundred time.

So i decided to try a different healer... the druid.

Here you can see Lamthara in all her beauty :)

As an holy priest i cast just a few instant spells and i fill the party health in no time with prayer of healing and circle of healing :) just a click and after a few seconds of casting (for PoH) and everyone is happy.

Here instead you see Lamu, my druid, i dinged friday so don't complain me because she's not that well dressed :)

I discovered a restoration druid is very different from a priest. If a priest would be a dps lamthara would be a mage.... the druid would be, instead, a warlock.

Lamu heals people with Healing of Time spells, most of her healing spells have an healing over time effect so that differently from a priest point of view you have to keep your HoT's up on the tank. In this way even if the boss lands a strike on him the wound will be repaired in a few seconds. A priest has more "oh---shhhit!" buttons :P i think about guardian spirit or PoM or Shield... if things are going wrong you have a few moves you can take to avoid the wipe.
The druid has only "Tranquility" that is a good move to heal everyone in critical situations... for the rest if the tank isn't that good you will start to spam nourish and swiftmend hoping the fight will be over soon :)

...but i like it. It's nice to play the same role with different spells. Even the same old instances are different when you have to learn what to do "again" :P 

Now i'm only worried because to replace a bit my warrior i'm lvling up the old tank, the paladin Lamnishaa.... and then i can only try the restoration shaman and i'm done :) 

Oh boy! Shame on me because i don't like to dps :|


Blogger Cylon said...

Well you always have to mix it up because when you play 1 character for so long it will get boring... Priests have it pretty good currently so playing that druid should add a bit more challenge and hopefully make things more exciting.

I will probably dust off my warlock eventually, i could always use another 80 to mess around with ;).

Anonymous Power Leveling Service said...

I to have noticed that playing as one character gets boring as hell so i like to spice it up a bit :P


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