Friday, September 29, 2006

This remembers me a thing...

Riding my nice tiger in the Blasted Lands i've discovered a little crater where there is a neverending storm with thunders and flash lights... and in the middle of that place lies, like a bad omen, the Dark Portal!!!!!!!! (turn on the stereo and listen the "Thus Spoke Zarathrusta" :P )

This is a portal, as the name tells, and i was pretty curious to know where it could take you. Another land? Another dimensions? A new dungeon? Who knows....?

But for sure it has to be important for it was super protected by elite demon guardians.

So i have run as there was the only thing i could do in my life and finally reached the portal. When you're close to the big statues you really feel small and everything around it beats with the power of the magic flows through it....

Here you can see the dimensions of it. Simply HUGE!

The only problem is that the gate doesn't take you anywhere. If you pass through you can touch the stone wall behind... and that's all. I would like to say that it's a shame but instead... here lies a bigger secret.

I am asking to myself if this portal can take you somewhere if you have the right uhm... staff, reagent, magic thingy. Maybe anew dimension... maybe an outland... :)

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