Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The last day

and so finally wednesday 12th november has arrived and there is only one day to pass by before the expasion will come.

These days have been quite slow but not tasteless as i thought. At first i believed that there weren't anything special to do but the combo "new talents + nerfed instances + achievement" has done the magic. A lot of people asked to create a group to do the old raids like Molten Core or Ahn'Qiraj... for fun, for achievement and, why not?, to see how they were.

Here is when i have gone to AQ40 with a pug (pick up group)... and i've been very very lucky to get also a new mount

Cutie, isn't it ^^? It makes brrrrrrrrrrrr shhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrr krrkrrkrrrrrr while you ride it :)

Sadly the raid stopped before we were able to face C'Thun (honestly we stopped at the twin emperors) so i'll try to face this raid again maybe with my guild once we'll be 80... hoping we'll need less people... maybe 20 chracters...

Then another pick up group for the Doomwalker....

...where i have taken my little satisfactions :PP being the first healer of the raid.

And then Magtheridon. Ok... we were 25... the tank was very good... but the fight was one of the easiest ever.... just nuke him, click on the cubes.... and nuke again :)
Oh well... at least i won a tricket here that maybe i'll keep till lvl 75 :)

But now it's over.... yesterday in Stormwind Harbor the Lich King has come and started to destroy everything freezing people and stuff in ice cages...

Horrors and dead dragons... black magic and ice....

It's the end here... so tomorrow i'll take a boat from this harbor....
Let's meet in Howling Fjord my friend ^^ I'll show these people that a smite is warm enough to melt this ice.
Warmer than ever if Lamthara is the caster :)


Anonymous powerlevelme said...

oooh...the new expansion is tomorrow. can't wait.

i hate to fish as well. :-P

Anonymous Paul said...

And then no more posting? Have you finished here. I thought I might make a blog for lowly shaman troll just like you have here. Yours is wonderful.


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