Monday, September 17, 2007

Running with scissors

It's a long time i don't post (more or less 10 days ^^? i've not checked yet).
In this period a lot of things happened, listing them:
- my little rogue and lock are growing up and i count to have another toon at lvl 70 in a month (playing slowly as i like :P)
- Lamthara has become an holy priest... and this time full holy (yes :P i also have circle of healing and the holy nova :P)
- I've created another alt (a night elf warrior) to see how it is to be the one who takes kicks and punches for the group

...and yesterday i've received a call from my guildmates to go to make Scarlet Monastery armory with them. If you are asking the reason of the title... well... i am the scissors :)
The reason is simple, i'm just lvl 34 with Lamjang and everytime i went inside a room i were able to pull all the mobs ^^. Seeing the good side i gotta say that at least the hunter has saved some bullets because of me.

Anyway the good tank Banehollow was more than good to keep us alive and we arrived till the end with no problem... it is just annoying to see that sometimes my dots were resisted, it was like i were able to make dps only because of the imp.

I guess that if i dinged there they would gz Jezprut (my little pet). It's hard to be a lock :/

Thursday, September 06, 2007


No photos for a lament :/

I realized that with The Burning Crusade our game has become more casual.
The new instances can be done when you have a a couple of hours of time (even less) and from Ramparts to Arcatraz you are able to find a pug to make it... but it's Karazhan the place where i "stop to run".

I'm in a guild that doesn't make Karazhan because most of the people have no wish to make it, they are devoted to pvp or simply because they're not attuned. And most of the reasons they find to justify the fact they don't want to make this raid are also my reasons:
- it takes a lot of time
- we have to be 10 with a specific party composition so you have to leave someone at home while you take always the tanks/healers
- you need a specific spec sometimes (or anyway you can't be a "wannabe" as you are in normal instances.. i mean i heal even if i'm shadow)

Now... let's face every problem.
I understand the third point but it's not a real problem. With the daily quest i get so much money i can respec everyday so for me it's not a problem to go to Ironforge, respec holy, full shadow or anything i need to make that raid well ^^. But it's me... i know a lot of poor people online (usually the pvp guys :/).

The second problem is tricky... not impossible but hard as well. Actually in a guild there are more than 2 tanks and 2 healers and so many dpsers so you should have the numbers to play but it is always so hard to find an hour when everyone will be ready. This one can play only in the afternoon, this one only at night, this one shares his account with his brother and you will never know who'll be online... they'd be pushed to go to kara but the first problem breaks their hopes...

The first problem is the hardest. Karazhan is the place where you divide casuals from wannabe-pros. If you come online and you have only 2 hours you won't have neither one chance to go there :/. You can make a pug for Shadow Labyrinth or a run to Mecha Heroic but you'll have to forget to see Moroes because it needs organization, it cannot be done in 2 hours and almost noone wants to go in a place knowing that 90% he won't be able to finish it.

Why all of this lament...? Nothing... just that i dream that when they'll design the new instances / raid I hope they'll consider the time factor as the most important one. An instance that needs more than 2 hours/2,5 hours to be completed will cut out a lot of people.

Above all me :)

my kung fu is better than yours :)

Hellfire Peninsula, Honor Hold, Lamsoth. In a couple of days i've taken him from lvl 58 to lvl 60 and in a couple of days inside the bar my exp bar is so blue that even if i kill a critter i get 1000 exp (maybe it's because Lamsoth drinks draenei beer when i'm not online.. not sure :).
Anyway I've understood how it works now, the first time i've been here with Lamthara i was too much concentrate to understand the whole plan but now i see how it works.

Once you're there you take a quest... and the quest gives you a wonderful hat so you can replace it... after that another quest gives you a nice sword... then the chest... then follow the gloves... in 10 or 12 quests you have made a looooooooooot of money and you're green again but with more or less +1000 mana/health points and weapons you could only dream before. And it's not that they made in this way because so everyone is happy (or maybe not only for that) it's because the mobs here are impossible to face if you don't have a new gear :/

I assure you that i've tried.... ten times... but with my previous gear i weren't able to kill neither a boar if i didn't use all my cooldowns (adrenaline rush + evasion ftw). On the other side now i guess i can solo the old instances for i have enough attack power to farm Scholomance alone ^^

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A new pvp method

Found on you tube this spectacular movie that teaches you the 5 important secrets on "how to beat a warlock and live to tell" :)

It's funny and you'll learn a lot of tricks but don't share them with your lock friends ^^