Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Gnomish Crusade :)

Probably you've seen this movie already but... ok who cares ^^? Since there are no gnomes in the official trailer of the next WoW expansion someone has thought to realize one video where there are ONLY gnomes ^^. Not bad... and funny as well.

Uhm.... Now that i think about it there are no night elves as well... :/

Monday, December 18, 2006

The question is: When?

In the desert of Tanaris there is a place called "Caverns of Time". Even the name of this place is so fashionable and makes you understand there should be a lot of interesting stuff inside there.

Once you've killed a dragon called "Tick" (and now i'm thinking if this dragon isn't called in this way because of the sound that a clock makes "tick... tack....tick.... tack....") and paying attention to walk far away from a huge dragon called Anachronos, or something as this, you get inside a huge gate where there is another of these big lizard to welcome you :)

Once you go behind the first corner you understand this place isn't as the others ^^ there are asteroids flying over a constant starry night, there are flows of energy that comes from nowhere (and probably goes nowhere too....), there are ships and boats, huge statues, and uhm... mechanic stuff that seems to not to have any reason to be there.

Just before the gate of the instance there is the uhm... shade of another huge dragon, some mobs (yellow for now) tall as mountains and a lot of npc stucked there in strange works (but don't ask me what since they don't want to talk with me.... :/ )

Eh... this instance is something that worth to be seen and i am really looking forward to go there once the expansion will be sold ^^

Friday, December 15, 2006

And so this is winter veil.....

...and happy new yeaaaaar :)
This morning when I've woken up I got a bit bit surprise. There is a Winter Veil Tree here in Ironforge and, under the tree, there is the greatest Greatfather Winter, with his long white beard, the red dress and his voice "Oh oh oh!".

I've been able to talk with him too and he asked me to give him a cup of cold milk and some biscuits... a little favor I'll do for him tonight. When the night will fall and the snow will come I'm sure I'll feel closer to the Winter Veil Festival :)

Gotta say that in any case the dwarves are so close to this feast because i've seen a lot of then with a green or red fluffy hat, drinking spicy beer and singing songs in the honor of Greatfather Winter.

I'm looking forward to get my present now ^^!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The ballad of the noobs

Watch this movie and sing the noob song with me ^^

...i've put online the version with the italian subtitles so that my guild mates can understand it as well ^_____^''

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I have no words....

This is the cinematic trailer that will be included in the Burning Crusade expansion.

I just say: :P~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, December 11, 2006

I see dead people.... O___o''

I've found a gentle dranei in the western plaguelands. Seems to me that after the patch a lot of these blue guys have landed on Azeroth giving quests and stuff. that's simply good :)

This one, for instance, asked me to help him to go to the Ulthar's Tomb and protect him from the undeads and then he gave me almost 5g. Uhhhhh easy money ^^

Once there he has also summoned the ghost of Ulthar so finally i've seen how he was. Just asking to myself why this big blue guy can make something as this and Ulthar comes to answer to his question and instead when i came to put some flowers on his grave for the Heroes Festival Ulthar didn't thank me at all :/

Auberdine, mon amour

After the patch has been applied I decided to go to visit the new island where the draenei characters should start. Since it is close to the darkshore... I took the first gryphon for Auberdine and in the photo you can see me waiting for the new boat.

And here it is! Nice, eh ^^? A kind of japanese old boat was coming...

here you see me on it. All the doors were closed, anyway :/

Here i was looking forward to see the new land... wooooohhh new lands, a new big city... i was shaking because of the tension.... O__o and....

...the boat disappeared and i found myself in the graveyard of Auberdine with a message that told me that i had to wait the Burning Crusade expansion to be able to visit the new continents.

What kind of photographer can i be if Blizzard doesn't allow me to take some new shoots :'(

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Irvine, we have problem....

when a photo values more than 10.000 words...

Nova Prospekt

This won't be remembered as my mightiest post ever but who cares... it's a thing that has astonished me so i think it'd be nice to put it down and keep it for the future :)

That gnomes are small it's a known fact but you never understand it all till you won't get close to someone who is similar to a friend of yours... so you can get a clear idea how you are compared to them. In this case I've met this priest which has:
- blue hair as Lamthara
- a mooncloth robe as Lamthara
- devout gloves, belt, bracers as Lamthara
- the staff of Zul Farrak as Lamthara
in the end she's 80% similar to Lamthara.

And I've felt as a bug :'(. So small (even the mail box is bigger than me)... with black pigtails, with a dress that only beggars would dress.... a wooden staff that remembers the walking cane of a witch.... booooooooooooooooooooooooooh.... poor meeeeeeeeeee :'(

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

(void)walker azeroth ranger

Lamjang is growing well, she became a good lvl 10 warlock yesterday and for this occasion she's gone to make a trip in Stormwind.
There she's gone to a little bar called "warlock bar" where she's met all the warlock enclave of the human city and got a quest for to proove that she's good to summon demons, banish them, cook spaghetti, sweep the floor.... all the normal things that a warlock should be able to do :)

In the catacombs below this bar (and i would like to know why a bar has been build over a catacombs.... haven't they ever seen that movie "Pet cemetery"???) she has used her powers to summon the voidwalker... her second demon-pet but something has gone wrong :/

She told me, in fact, once the voidwalker came to this world from the hell he said something strange in the demonic language and then..... he attacked her!!!!
And she died :'(

Being a warlock is really hard... poor her :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Tier 5 super special parade extravaganza

Here you can take a look on the new tier 5 that will be introduced with the next expansion.

Some of 'em are nice... some... so and so.

Before watching the movie i simply hate the tier 5 design for the priest class. Now I think it's a little bit better than i thought but still i can't understand they've decided to put that ugly hat (without talking about the wooden wings... :/ ).

The baron doesn't play anymore.... :)

Well, well, well... sometimes ago I have gone to Stratholme with a good party to face the Baron and we miserably failed :/
On sunday instead I've tried it again with a bunch of people that was just so and so. And we wone O___o''

Pretty unbelievable considering that the paladin kept on spamming flash heal without helping to fight or anything (he just healed when the tank lost 1% of his health ^^) and the hunter was afk for half of the run. But who cares ^^ we won!!!!!!

Killing the Baron allowed me to finish a couple of quests, get a nice ring and the super cutie Argent crusader. With its +30 intellect i guess this is a very good staff... maybe i could enchant it to get +55 healing spell and it would be more than perfect in the meanwhile i'll do what i can to get the Benediction :)

...the only thing i cannot understand is why a little night elf priest as me has to go in nasty places as this and cut the head of this and that. I am scary by the blood too... :'(

Friday, December 01, 2006

Some little things happened to me recently :)

First! If you are scared by the spiders and when you see a fly you think it's a wasp and you run away from the room... don't go to Silithus. Really, don't go there :)
One of the first mission you'll get for to "farm" honor and reputation for the Cenarius Enclave consist in a "killing the monster" quest... where the monster is a huge wasp big as a house and it's named "abomination". Geeeeee :/

Naturally after the fight you can visit the underground lair of these insects, a nice place with fireflies big as boar and with an humidity able to make you sweat even when you don't do anything...

...one of the few places where i have been very happy to have my mooncloth robe with no long sleeves :P

Second! Scholomance :) I've been called by a friend (Mageran of the Ottomans). We have to kill someone there and cross our fingers that he drops the right piece of armor for him.

We killed, we crossed the fingers.... we lost :P Neither him nor Darkmaster Gandling drop anything for me and also the mage got just an useless piece of plate :P
Well it's ok... we'll try another time again!

Third! Benediction and Tier2 priest set :) I've decided to get this wonderful staff above all because it's the symbol you're a priest... and the tier2 because it's very very very cutie... and i'm sure i'll be sexy with that gear on :)
Maybe for reach this goal I'll have to leave my guild and find another one... :/

Introducing Lamjang

Lamjang is a little gnome and my friend :)
She was born in Gnomeregan before the trouble-we-all-know happened and she has lost her parents there so she has to take care of herself since she was young... /cry

Maybe because of this she has a behaviour that turns to sarcastic and she has decided to follow the path of the shadow and become a warlock...

Well... she's good anyway and if I'm the one (an holy priest) who assure you this then you should trust me.

Cheer the little Lamjang in her adventures and I'll make you know how she'll grow up, eheheh :)