Monday, April 23, 2007

climbing the ladder ^^

Since i've started to play the instances I've always healed the people... as a priest i mend, i heal, i cure, i dispell.... i shield...... -___-''
And I couldn't understand the reason some people wanted to know who was the first one in the damage meter. After all "who cares" I thought... but recently....

Some people went to Mechanar and they were looking for a dps class, I've answered to the call and told them i was a shadow priest. And they said "sweet!!!" and so my dream started ^^
It was the first time for me there, and I have to say that i really really liked it. Mechanar is a kind of "Gnomeregan" with robots and demons and a lot of blood elves with a killer instinct.

Me and the rogue played who was the one to make more damage, melee vs caster. And i have to say that i didn't act that bad ^^ but maybe the reason I was on the top was also because i could cast dots on a lot of mobs (sw:p) and I frequently use the combination of Mindblast+sw:Death for the killing blow. Anyway now i understand all you dps classes, i understand why you are so devoted to the damagemeter verb ^^, why you like to climb the ladder of it.
It's like a game in a game... you don't win anything in the end but you feel your mates feel you useful ^^. The healer is the most useful class in the party but usually he doesn't get that much attention. No one cheers the healer if he is the n.1 in the healing ladder, it considered obvious...

Anyway i won this beautiful robe ^^ and in the evening i have tried to double my success...

...alas i had a warlock as a competitor. Geee... he destroyed me XD

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tier6 ftw

uhm... even if it's almost impossible i like it less than tier5 :/

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three things,,,

I want Blizzard to create an hairdresser NPC... I want to change the color of my hair, i want to change the cut, i want to be able to be "different" sometimes, i want to wear some new earrings with my alts. Please please please please... I am annoyed i get in Ironforge and i found a clone of me :/ This is World of Warcraft, not Star Wars (and the destiny is sometimes funny considering that in Star Wars Galaxies there was a profession to change your look...)

Anyway... changing the speech... I've been able to drop a nice collar for the dress i'm wearing right now. Just like the devout set my hair seems to be ethereal because they pass through the cloth but i don't care too much...

...for even if i'm shadow till the root of my heart I seem the holiest thing born in Azeroth ^^. I'm counting the days i'll be able to craft my own primal mooncloth robe (uhm... 19 days ^^).

And in the end let's talk about Lamsoth, the rogue, my lvl 35 alt. The more i play this toon... the more i like it. Being a rogue allows me to get such fun in world-pvp, i follow the simple philosopy told once by a Tauren Shaman: "If you're red.. you're dead". So everything moves around me is a target where i can practice with my blades and daggers.
Recently I'm questing in Desolace, i don't like that place too much but there are a lot of quests with some good reward and above all it's the starting point for the Scarlet Monastery quests.

Lucky me some of my guild mates are so gentle to take me there but differently from a priest i have a lot of roles to fill. I'm the one who sap, the one who silently kills the adds or the boss... the one who silence the casters or blind them...
I don't feel myself useful as the healer or the tank because if I die the party can win as well but i am so happy i can make the fights easier than ever with all the tricks the rogue class has ^^.

And i don't need to say that i'm so happy that, if the things go bad, i can use vanish :P

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter in Undercity!

It was Easter afternoon, after I've broken the chocolate egg and taken the present (woooo a primal mooncloth!!! :) I've gone to make a trip to Undercity with Laurora, the druid.
We were only two, we were lvl 70 and we were very interested to see how Undercity was...

At first we thought to replicate the experience of the flower vendor... but noone came :/ maybe the undeads don't like flowers... i don't know...

So after a minute we got annoyed to wait and we decided to make something else. We decided to make a photo with lady Sylvanas. We didn't want to kill her (after all she's pretty strong and we were only two). I just wanted to take a pic of her...

So we started to walk, kill some guards (lvl 65 elite... nothing that hard ^^) and use shadowmelt to drink sometimes.

Undercity is like an uhm.... underground Venice imagined by Tim Burton... green canals, skulls everywhere and the cutie non-sense of the guardians who tried to kill us ^^

After a minute we arrived to corridor that leads to Lady Sylvanas' room and I didn't understand the reason the normal guards are lvl 65 while instead the "elites of the inner circle of royal guardians of Undercity"... are only lvl 60 :P

We killed one, we went on the next part of the corridor, we rested a bit... we drank again.... and so on till we finally arrived ^^

And here Sylvanas in all her beauty ^^




I want to thank undercity for its beautiful enviroment, its canals, the vendors and the guardians. thanks so much ^^
I want to thank the undead mage (lvl 70) and the orc warrior (lvl 68) who tried to stopped us to take the photo. I thank the floor of the corridor that stopped them when they fell down after we killed them ^^... and i thank them so much since they tried it three times before understand it was useless :P

And thanks so much Laurora! That was very very very fun :) time Orgrimaar :PPP ?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flower vendor?

A friend of mine, feral druid, Laurora :) has sent me this photo about his personal little second job in another server as a shadow priest.
As you know once a priest stops to be an holy angel it is hard to find the spot in a party and so my poor friend has found another job... flower vendor in Stormwind.
Ok... it's not the best job you can find, flowers are not so much requested but at least it allows him to get a few coins to spend for the food.

Mmmm... maybe the only problems is that if a draenei wants to buy a flower has to click on him... when the draenei click on him attacks him... and you know how it usually finish :P

La revedere Laurora :) maybe I'll try to do the same in Undercity ^^

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This morning i went to kill some mobs and i've seen that:

1 - my smite crits around 1000 points of damage
2 - after i have killed a mob... nothing happens :'(
3 - after three mobs i have to drink

Well... I thought i could last at least a week but instead after a couple of mobs I've gone to Sharrath city, taken the portal to Ironforge and I've spent 25g to respec and take my wonderful shadowform, my sweet mindflay and my huggable vampiric embrace.

Sorry guys... but if I'm shadow I can heal you pretty well in almost all the instances but the end-game ones (Karazhan, maybe?). In holy instead I can't do almost anything but to wait the others to call me to go into an instance.

And I'm not masochistic :P

Monday, April 02, 2007

Holy... or not?

This weekend has been loooong and i had a lot of time to finish some quests in Ouland. Some of them have given me nice reputation, some of them a lot of money... some of them a great fun ^^. I've become a blood elf, an orc, a skeleton and i've faded from the enemies when the situation have become too crowded... and i've decided it was time to start some instances... and find myself in the old situation of a stopped run because someone had to go ^^.

I've started in mana tombs where i had two quests to finish and the run has been smooth as silk almost till the end of the second boss... then alas the warlock had to left the pc to his brother and the hunter had to go to work. So we have given up and i have done a little bit of business with the warrior who sold me the Essence Focuser.

I know my staff is better but i wanted a nice mace to use while i wait to farm enough mats for the Hand of Eternity... so even if it doesn't worth i've taken it as well :P

Then with some guildmates I've gone to Shattered Halls and i have also respecced holy for this special occasion...

I sadly admit we've not been able to go too much far :/ We easily killed the first groups, 4 mobs in a row, 5 mobs in a row... 6 mobs now... then we arrived in a room where we had to pull 7 mobs and we wiped and wiped and wiped. The tank wasn't able to keep the aggro of all of them and everyone tried to kill a different mob instead of concentrate the fire. So I have no idea what's behind the corner, alas :/

...and it's a shame since i'm so curious....

So this morning I have woken up and i've found myself holy. Uhm... and i'm struggling inside myself... should i respec again or try to be holy a little bit more.

I think i'll go to kill some mobs a bit and then i'll see... there are some mats i want to get since i have to make my own primal mooncloth robe but i would like to be fast.

Instances are waiting for this new holy priest... ^^