Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A little trip to Outland

I've done it this morning before going to work. No words, just photos for this post. I'll leave the words for a better moment when all my ideas will be in order again... ^^



Anonymous sapphira said...

hey lam, lot of time i dont post in this beaaaaautiful bad:S as always your photos are awesome, have u ever been in any new istance? me yes, and its a very enjoyable experience, and the drops are fantastic...if u feel alone, or sad, or kinda bored, just tell me, i will contact u as healer for the next hellfire citadel run :D kisses


Blogger Lamthara said...

It'd be a pleasure to be at your side again, heal you... and sometimes your pet :PPP

I've just done some quests so far even if yesterday someone whispered me to do Rampage.
Anyway even the rewards of simple quests make appear the blue stuff I have like little useless toys...
Yesterday killing collapsing voidwalkers I've dropped a ring that had something as +19 strength +25 agility. Wow O___o''

I'm asking if Blizzard knows what they're doing ^^


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