Monday, January 08, 2007

Alert!!! Biohazard!!! RL Injection...

Well... no photos for this little post :)

My mac (an iMac bought on may 2005) is starting to suffer of a crazy sickness so-called "random shutdown" which means that when i'm just in the middle of an instance, facing the whole Barov family and i'm healing the tank with just 3% of health... the screen becomes black, the fans stop to spin and some of all of things happen (not exactly in this order):

1 - I say: "&/%()=!!!!!!" "What the &%"&%£"/&$"%$£"$"&%$ and %$£!%$£" you and your family of %$£"/&£(&%£%$£$%£" :)
2 - the tank dies and write my name in his black list of healers that must never be called in an instance
3 - I turn on the mac again... crossing all the fingers i have hoping it won't turn off again
4 - I ask to be forgiven till i log off (pala:"hi! last spot for UBRS? We need an healer :)" Lamthara: "forgive me! forgive me! forgive me! forgive me! forgive me!" pala:"wtf?!?")
5 - If somehow the boss dies I lose the drop and for a strange mystery of the universe and a bug of WoW the loot has inside all of these things: "Truefaith Vestments recipe, Benediction staff special edition (the weapon is infused and reinforced with elementium, adamantium and chocolate. Keep away from children), Kazzak-tricket (summon Kazzak to fight for you, sweap the floor and if there is no enemy lord Kazzak will offer you 100g and a pizza)"
6 - /cry

I'll keep on playing on my laptop but it won't be the same because that machine is pretty slow and all the major cities are forbidden for me (too laggy...).

Let's hope my mac will come back soon soon :'(


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

Well, never happend to me before, but cities to become very laggy for me during peak hours :(

Maybe you should buy a nice big G4 mac + nice monitor maybe wont be as laggy nor shut off on you :)

Blogger Lamthara said...

Well with my iMac is one of the last G5 they've sold before Apple switched to the Intel architecture. So everything is ok but the random shutdown.

Maybe one day i'll change it for a more powerful one but it has served so well so far... and i'm sure it'll do in the future as well (hoping that it'll come back home soon... the technicians talked about 2 weeks :(

Now.. not that I expect an answer but do you know if Wow works with Macos X even with the last models of iMac or if i'd buy it I should play Wow on the Microsoft partition?

Blogger Excaliber1 said...

I do believe it does work with the Macos X. My computer has macos X running it and its compatible (as far as I can tell) might have to do a bit of searching if your doubtfull xD


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