Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cities, places.... and me :)

I'm trying to finish somehow the instance called "Ramparts". I say "somehow" because even if it is small and fast with all the groups I've tried we have always been wiped out fighting the last boss. And so i've not been able to finish the quest... with all the experience, money and prized related.

By the way I pass my "free time" exploring the new continent and here some shots I've done.

Just on the west of Hellfire Peninsula there is a big big swamp called Zangarmarsh. This swamp is famous because of its huge mushrooms and the strange creatures you can find there: big mosquitos, hydras and a kind of uhm... thing that remembers me the monsters of the "war of the worlds".

As soon as you get inside the swamp you'll find a litte Cenarion Refuge but inside there is also a big town called Telredor. This city is nice because.... there is a elevator :P

Don't ask me why but the city has been built on the top of a huge mushroom and so the only way you have to get up there is to take the magic elevator built with draenei technology. Nice eh ^^?

Going to the south instead you'll find another city called Shattrath. This city is particular and i suggest you, once you'll finish your quests in Hellfire Peninsula, to take your home here. The reason is pretty simple:
1 - it's in the middle of the continent so you'll be able to go everywhere from here just taking a gryphon
2 - there are the portal for all the main city of the Alliance and the Horde so if you want to go to Stormwind you take the portal here... you make some walks there and then heartstone you'll be in Outland again. Easier than going to the darkportal, use the mount, arrive in Nethergarde Keep and take use the gryphon :P

In the middle of this city there is a strange creature called A'dal. What is it exactly? A kind of ghost? An intelligent crystal? A super-entity? A semi-god?

Mysteries are all around here in Outland ^^


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

god i cant wait to get BC and explore the Outland!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Lamthara said...

I can assure you that place is huge and very beautiful to explore. New cities, new instance, new mounts, new quests...

and i haven't seen anything more than a 20% of the lands so far ^^


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