Friday, January 05, 2007

Tagged on friday morning O___o''

Seems that there is a curse that is been spreading through the WoW blogs. This curse is called "Tag! You're it" and push you to tell "Five things you don't know know about me"... and i've been tagged by the nice Excaliber.

I've tried to resist but seems to me impossibile... this DoT won't be remove till i won't confess everything so let's unleash the soul inside Lamthara and let's take out the mask ^^

Five things you don't know about me:

1. I'm italian, I live in Turin (a city in the north-west of Italy), I'm 31 years old and I'm married. Ah... I'm a male :/ I've chosen Lamthara because I've thought that if i had to play staring the back of a char... at least it would be better to make a female char :)

2. I've studied Economy at the local University but just before getting the degree I've realized that i don't like economy that much and if I would be able to go back in time to give some suggestions to myself I'd tell him to study math or literature and become a teacher. Because i like to help and teach but in my job i can't do that and it's like a part of me is left there in the dark corner of the room... and never used.

3. I don't play sports nowadays but some years ago i played karate. I think that a martial art is a good way to train the body and the, above all, mind... and as always happens in sports you can discover the real behaviour of a person there more than in hours of speech. After a few years of training I had to leave the gym because i didn't have enough time to dedicate to this passion... now I'm thinking to start it again but i have to find a way to convince with my wife and that's not easy because the time I'll pass there means less time i can pass with her.

4. Reading is my second hobby and if i can i like to read some books about philosophy. Not that i understand everything they say :) but that doesn't stop me to keep reading and asking question about everything. I think that this disease finds a reason on the fact in the schools I've done they didn't teach philosophy and I've discovered how nice it is only when it was too late.... or maybe it's never too late and i've been lucky considering that now I've read a lot and probably i know about it more than if i did it in the school and then get annoyed about it because of a lazy teacher :P

5. My second home is Thailand. Once every two years we (me and my wife) go there and enjoy the beaches, the mountains, the food and everything this wonderful land has to offer. Bangkok is like "Los Angeles 2019" of Blade Runner: a city full of everything, chaotic, with reflected lights on raining pools and neon and a pollution that dries your throat but ehi!!! I love it :) And with it i like to eat Tom Kha Gai (a soup of chicken and coconut milk) then go for shopping in a huge mall, take a tuk tuk and see an elephant slowly walking at the side of the road, buy a couple of snacks from a street vendor and when i'm tired find a temple, sit outside in the garden and wait a bit till my soul is recharged again ^^. And if i get enough of cities i can always go to Koh Samui or in the north to see the Khmer ruins. Somehow Thailand remembers me the south of Italy... so the year we don't go to Thailand... we go to Sardegna, an island in the south of Italy where my parents are from)... and we're happy as well :)

I've spread the curse to Hogit and Tales of a WoW Addict.... i don't have the be only one who'll suffer from this sickness eheheheh :P


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

hehe nice :) on #5 i love Tom Kha Gai, one of my favorite things to eat when eating thai food (my first is chicken panang (spelling?) )

Great post! and thanks for spreading the curse =P

Blogger Lamthara said...

Anytime excaliber... At first i thought it was DoT and instead it's hot :P

Anyway the spelling is right, I guess thai would call it "Gai Panang" since chicken is "gai" in thai language.


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