Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Everything floats.... :0~~~~~~

Yesterday it has been the great TBC showtime. Installed, downloaded the patch... then the patch again :P and finally i got inside with the green-power-infused-portal in front of the login mask.

And i have rolled a Draenei priest called Lamnaaru and I've started to make a walk outside, in the new island, looking for the path that would lead me to capital city Exodar. Here you can find some new mobs (a kind of giant butterflies and some strange uhm... blobs that are different from the normal oozes... they are queer... i can't explain it well :P) and a bunch of the old ones.

The island is pretty big and very very very beautiful. Somehow it remembered me Terdrassil of the night elves with its long roads surrounded by the green, the little rivers that cross the lands and its sense of nature and peace... even if here everything it's sunnier and lighter...

But once you arrive in Exodar you forget about everything you've seen before... and you have to pay attention that your jaw doesn't hit the floor. Exodar is huge, beautiful and astonishing with all the crystals, the museum, the room of Naaru that release a costant flux of energy, etc...

Everything is just perfect and i'm sure that finally we have an important city even in Kalimdor. Maybe it won't become the next Ironforge but at least it has the power to "focalize" the attention of the people... Darnassus has always been left empty but the lvl 10 night elves who had to pass there for to take the boat who take them in Auberdine and the lvl 50 mages who go there to learn the portal :)

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Anonymous Gitr said...

So many more pictures than me...I'm jealous of your decent video card. I was running at 3.2 fps when I made things look purty like that.

Good series of shots, though. You captured the experience pretty good.

Blogger Lamthara said...

thanks ^^

now i have to decide what to do with Lamnaaru even if i guess that she'll become my disc-holy priest once she'll ding 70 (so... let's count a lot of months from now) and I'll respec shadow for Lamthara... or maybe viceversa. Dunno yet ^^

Next photo-roll will be when i'll change the zone, I guess. Actually Hellfire Peninsula is quite depressing. A sort of Desolace just with fire, demons and big holes where if you fall down don't expect to be able to pick your corpse up again :P


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