Thursday, January 25, 2007

The bloody furnace is not so hot

Maybe because there is blood instead of fire :)

Anyway some days ago I've been invited by a friend of mine who asked me if I wanted to do a run in the Bloody Furnace of the Hellfire Citadel. I said "ok" and so here you'll be able to take a look how this new instance appear.

The layout of this instance is pretty similar to Hellfire Citadel Ramparts: a long corridor, three bosses and a lot of groups of mobs with casters, summoners and warriors. On a side i have to say that it's a shame that the instance isn't complex with crossroads, parts you can skip or you can do.... on the other side I like it a lot because it is short and (as said before) it allows me to do it everytime i want without any worries.

Inside the instance has a layout that is a mix between Gnomeregan (wheels, strange devices, mobs that lay down bombs and mines) and Naxxramas... and the mix works because i think this instance is more inspired than Ramparts.

Here you see me trying making a special green-light-shower. Useful for to keep my skin white as the snow and soft as the rabbit fur :P

Talking about the bosses they are fun to play. One use the mind control to take one of the group on his side. This skill has been seen before a lot of time (Jammal in Sunken Temple, the female-ghost-boss in Stratholme, ecc...) but this time it has been funnier for i've been the one who has been controlled and i spammed smite and holy fire on the tank...

Lucky him i've been able to free myself in time to heal him... we were so close to be wiped out ^^

The second one is hard not because of him but because you have to kill a lot of mob-waves before you'll be able to face him. The mobs are easy but you have to pay attention to not to get out of mana...

The third one is easier than ever if you have a demon-lock and a hunter with you.. their pets can tank one of the normal mobs while you are killing the others and the boss.
Not sure if I'll do it again but it has been fun ^^ and i find that I'm not that bad even if I'm a shadow priest now ^^

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Blogger Excaliber1 said...

roughly how long did it take you to complete this instance as well as the ramparts?

Blogger Lamthara said...

The Bloody Furnace keeps you busy for an hour more or less. And Ramparts as well :)

The map is simple and if there are no wipes and the group is good it is a non-stop killing run. In my case we had to stop sometimes to drink (i'm shadow now... so my mana pool is crappy, expecially after boss fights) but i'm sure that with a disc-holy priest or with higher chars (maybe 65lvl up) you should be able to make it in 40 minutes :)


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