Monday, January 15, 2007

Sugar... ohhhhh Ony Ony....

Some days ago i have finally decided to make the boring quest called "Jail Break" in Blackrock Depth. I have left it behind for so much time that the prisoner i had to rescue had a long white beard :P By the way I've been able to access one of the easiest and spectacular quests ever: "The great Masquerade"

In Stormwind Keep you'll find a nice lady... a girl just like you and me... she wears a nice dress and she has polite manners but once Marshal Windsor (the prisoner) talked with her she get so angry that she became a dragon. And the dragon was called Onyxia.

And Onyxia yelled something i didn't understood very well but suddenly 10 or more dragonkin elites got inside the Keep with the clear intent to transform it into the hell... swords, spell, broken shields, screams......

...and me eating an icecream in the corner of the room since the guards were doing all the job and didn't need me to help them to kill the dragonkins. For a guardian killed there were two or more ready to take a part in this crazy party.

Wow... that was fun. I only had to watch them... it was like a tv-show, eheheheh :P


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Anonymous Deadr said...

Excellent post! How have you avoided the Jailbreak so long!? It's soooo fun! 0_o

Blogger Lamthara said...

Let's say I've helped a lot of people to complete the quest... before i got eligible for that.

And after i got i felt a little bit annoyed by the idea i had to walk for 20 minutes following Marshal Windsor and helping him to keep away from troubles :P

I didn't touch the dusty floor of BRD for a month more or less because i wanted to lvl up my reputation with the Argent Dawn so i concentrate on Scholomance and Stratholme... then someone called me to heal in BRD again and i thought "ok.. .why not?" :)

Anyway seriously Jailbreak is one of the most boring quest I've ever done even the first lvl-one-quests "take this book from me and give it to the persone who stands in other room" are somehow better (at least for they are short :P ).


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