Friday, January 19, 2007

New mobs on the block

Let's start with this second session of "The new side of Outland" also known as "everything you wanted to know about what's beyond the portal but you have never dared to ask" :P
Here we'll talk about some new mobs you could find along your journey.

First one: Vazruden. He is bad guy flying on a dragon over the entrance of the instance in Hellfire Citadel. He's elite, he's level 62... and you wouldn't like to invite him for the evening tea. So when you see him, watch out and shadowmelt :P

Second one: The mighty Felreaver. This huge robot is half Gundam and half Godzilla :) You'll be able to find him pretty soon and you'll have to pay attention to not to get its attention because he doesn't have a level only a skull under its portrait. And rarely this is a good sign :P

Third one: doomwhisperers. They are cutie girls with six arms... with blades, latex suit and a green fire instead of hair. A kind of uhm... apocalypse shivas :) They aren't so hard to kill anyway, a couple of blow are enough to make them eat the dust... what you won't like if you're a caster is her speed when she'll hit you with her swords. Shield yourself if you can... or keep her distant ^^

Fourth one: the unknown elite mob. I have no idea about the name of this mob but i was running with the tiger while a mate of my team aggroed him. No need to say it hasn't been a good idea. Maybe he's one of the children of Lord Kazzak... dunno.

Fifth one: Voidwalkers. These guys are big, ugly and stupid... they don't make anything but to walk along the Void Ridge, wait for you and try to kill you with their boreness. But they keep a secret that you could like to know. They could explode before they're going to die making a huge amount of damage... and above all they are always close to a kind of energy bubble that floats in the sky. When they are damage they start to get some health back through a energy flux that comes from the ball and goes directly to their body.
It's better if you keep your health always up... above all before the final blow ^^

Keep in touch for the next part where I'll show you all the ways a priest can die in these new lands :PPP



Anonymous Momentum said...

WEll i must say u made some nice screenshots of outland so far.

and as i dinged lvl 62 today we have been rather busy with thoradin getting a higher level of our combined druid power..

so to say the least he has been slacking on his blog the last few dasy but its nice to see someone took the time to make some nice shots and post them on a blog..

keep up the good work

GreetZ Momentum

Blogger Lamthara said...

tx :)

I know that inside Lamthara is more a reporter than a priest so as soon as she put her tiny feet on a new land she cannot control herself from to take some pics ^^

Anonymous Thoradin said...

The Fel Reaver is the new Devilsaur. A 60 Feet creature sneaking up on you!


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