Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Auch! That hurts!!!!

Yesterday I just wanted to take some pics from the Black Temple for i wanted to see how it is... so I've taken my white little tiger and I've run on the east. The structure is huge but I've not been able to see too much. Just in front of the gate (or i guess it is a gate) there is a Doomwalker, a kind of Felreaver just bigger, uglier and angrier :P

And he critted me for 35212 points and gave me a nice sickness: the aura of death. This curse afflicts you for 15 minutes and if you ress, while you still have it, you die again. So nice :/

While i was coming back for the second time to my corpse i was thinking how could a normal char survive to the mighty doomwalker and the answer is.... you only have to dress the right pair of shoes ^^. Here the boots a friend of mine loot from a "critter".
Aren't they nice?

Ehm... Blizzard haven't we a problem here ^^?


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