Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The rogue theory...

Dinged level 40 I've headed to Tanaris just as Lamthara did the first time ^^
I'm very happy i've left Desolace and Stranglethorn Vale... the first is a very annoying place, the sky is always gray and I think that if you stay there too much time you'll finish to be depressed and suicide :/
STV instead isn't that bad, the enviroment is nice, there are ruins, villages, a lot of quests, the rastafarian trolls (relaaaax.... :P ) but even if pvp is exciting sometimes you only want to finish that quest and corpse run/corpse camping is pretty far from being fun.
So... Tanaris is the way ^^.
I like the sun, i like the desert and i simply love Zul Farrak, one of the best instance moments i've played so far was on the temple stairs of this instance ^^. Very challenging for everyone and above all for a priest. Now i'll try to see how it is on a pure dps/melee prospective.

...anyway i am almost lvl 41 and i still haven't the tiger :/

...anyway 1 day 13 hours to craft the primal mooncloth robe with Lamthara. Yaiiii ^^


Blogger Keystone said...

Grats on 40!!!

What color tiger are you getting?

Reading your post I just remembered I forgot to convert my felcloth to mooncloth last night, stupid 4 day timer!

Blogger Lamthara said...

...don't talk about cooldown please :/ now I have 4 cooldowns to look after. the mooncloth, primal mooncloth, shadowcloth and spellcloth.

Probably after i'll do the robe i'll sell primal mooncloth bags and i'll start to make business ^^

Anyway for the rogue i think i'll take the darkest tiger, the black one ^^

Blogger Hexapuma said...

How come you still have no tiger? Must be a pain in L40 country without a mount...


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