Wednesday, May 02, 2007

From Naxx, with love....

There are things you can do only when you're revered with the Argent Dawn, you have 60g in your wallet and half an hour of free time.

First thing... go to the Auction House and buy a nexus crystal and two arcane stones. More or less you'll spend 30g, and you'll feel that you'd doing a stupid thing but maybe it'll worth :)

Then go to Menethil Harbor, in Wetlands, enjoy the breeze, listen to the songs of the sea gulls and then take the first gryphon flight for the Eastern Plaguelands.
Destination Light Chapel... I haven't been there since i was 60 :)

Never like that place... it's like a polluted land. The air is brown, there are mushrooms and humidity everywhere. The only good side of this place is that the cost for an apartment is not that much since you have to share the condo with undeads and ghosts.

...take your tiger, horse or anything you have and go to find a spiked ziggurat. There you'll find a portal... get in the portal and.......

Welcome to Naxxramas :)
Simply priceless what you can do with 60g :P
I have always dreamt to go there at least once in my life and here i am.

Ok... i have no army behind me but i'm a priest and the useless spell they gave me can allow me to make a trip in this instance with no harm ^^ (for the people who don't know what i'm talking about, I mean "Mind Vision" :P)

The first boss i hunted was Patchwerk... i jumped from mob to mob and got the nice mob. Isn't he sweety with all his chains, blades and the guts out of the belly ^^?

Then i have gone to another wing and I've stucked my vision on a flying mob that took me to another boss :P

Noth seems a bit worried and sick too. Probably he is not a real plaguebringer, maybe he has just a normal flu... nothing an aspirin can't solve. Anyway nice shoulders ^^.

The spider wings was a failure :/ There were too many doors so i haven't been able to see anything but the first two rooms....

And finally the last wing... full of humans and undeads who like to play together as brothers.

On the floor below there are the four horsemen. I'm asking who'll be the one who'll clean them.... i mean those are normal horses, not undead... so i think they'll lose the fur, they'll poo... lucky me i had the cold and my nose is closed :P

Now I only have to convince ten or fifteen of my guildmates who are lvl 70 to come here with me and clean it a bit.
The bosses have a loooooooooooooooooooot of health but the normal trash mobs can be easily done and i think that it would be nice to try.

After all i have always wanted to get the tier3 and its winged shoulders ^^


Anonymous Grimshar said...

Beh, una scoperta piacevole guardando la tua guild chat ;)

Grimshar - Moonglade (EU)

Blogger Lamthara said...

eheheh all'inizio il blog era in italiano ma poi ho visto che veniva un po' di gente anche da fuori e per cui ho deciso, per gentilezza, di scrivere in inglese.

Che non fossi madrelingua inglese penso si capisse... faccio degli errori che Shakespeare si sta rivoltando nella tomba :)

Anonymous Grimshar said...

Leggendo il blog non ho mai avuto il sospetto che a scrivere non fosse un madrelingua. Sono 11 anni che vivo nel Regno Unito per cui un po di esperienza di Inglese dovrei averla ;)

Blogger Lamthara said...

che dire... mi sento molto, ma molto, onorato ^^


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