Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear Lamthara...

The quest of the little draenei has been so nice and in the end i got a new pet, Willy - the sleepy beholder. Now when i go around all the critters try to hide themselves because the eye ray-beam of Willy shows no mercy!

Anyway Dornaa was so cute as well. She wrote me some days after i have left her and she told me she'll go to school in Exodar with a good tutor that will make her skills get higher than ever ^^. Good for her... these are the kind of quests i like. After all she told me she'll want to be just as I am when she'll grow up!

Then, in the honor of Dornaa, I've gone to Mechanar and Botanica :)

Mechanar is simply amazing, very beautiful, nice enviroments and nice drops ^^. I went it once already before but never finished; this time instead, with a good group I've arrived till the end and got the first part of the key for Alkatraz. Then I've made a trip to Botanica even if, sadly, I've not killed the last boss because i had to go to have dinner :)
Well next time ^^'
Anyway for what i've seen this instance is pretty strange. Most of the bosses can be skipped (i guess all of them but the last one) for they walk on a bridge and they are on the side of the party's path... so you can go straightforward to the end of the instance, nuke the Warp Splinter and then go back and kill every single boss as a good farewell to this strange instance.

Uhm... gotta try this once :P


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