Friday, May 04, 2007

waiting for the tiger.... again.

Recently i'm playing a lot with my rogue Lamsoth.
He's reached lvl 39 and he's doing a lot of quests in Stranglethorn Vale, the reign of ganking :)

With Lamthara I've never passed too much time here... just gone a couple of time in Zul Gurub (boring experience in my opinion...) and the only thing i've seen has been Booty Bay as the only confortable connection to Kalimdor. So all the quests are new to me and i'm starting to like them even if most of them is related to drop a certain number of things from trolls, crocolisks and gorillas ^^. Somehow they remember me the quests in Nagrand... so i think that Blizzard has done a wonderful work of "copy&paste" here... but it's ok... it's fun as well considering here i have to watch my back all the time since i'm low level and in the bottom of the food chain. Sometimes i die sometimes i kill... and honestly i kill more than i could expected before; probably being able to run faster than every toon, being able to vanish and stun in a lot of ways helps me :)

I count to ding lvl 40 today then i'll go to Darnassus to pick up my tiger again, black this time. Cross your fingers for me :P


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