Friday, May 11, 2007

mission accomplished!

And also the good boy Lamsoth got his mount.

Yesterday i have been touched by the shopping fever, i have sent 50g from Lamthara to this brother rogue, but they were enough only to get the skill.... i had to get somehow even 9g for the tiger.
So log on again with "Lam", sold a couple of stuff and here we are again, a new tiger, a black one for the next lord of the shadows...

ehm.... ^^


Blogger Keystone said...

I see you went with the black tiger, good call!

I think I'd rather walk than ride anywhere with my black kitty, he's by far my favorite mount!

I still need to get the epic Elkk (sp?) and that other one, the horned beast from reputation with that outpost in Nagrand (sorry, the name escapes me)

There's not many non-gear related items to collect in WoW, so I look towards mounts for my collecting needs.

Blogger Lamthara said...

well... i collect gear but not as people could think.
I collect cute and nice dresses, vestments, robes and so on.

I have two 16slot bags in the bank full of robes... pink, black, useful to celebrate a wedding or to be the spouse. Some of them are for lvl 10.. but i don't care i think i'm an edonistic priest ^^

Blogger Sylvina Solaris said...

Lamthara, I have that some habit... worst part is I'm a dude IRL. I think it's my inner Blood Elf coming out. Sometimes I have to junk dresses though, because I just need the bag space that badly. Dumb hybrid classes!


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