Friday, May 25, 2007

In the beginning...

...was the whisper. Then came a sight. And finally there was a Murmur :)

Yesterday i got enough time to face Shadow Labyrinth till the end. I've read the book of blood and i've found a good group to face the mighty Murmur.

This huge elemental (that remembers maybe too much Ragnaros) starts with 30% of this health but last long as well and has some special tricks... one of the naughtiest is called "murmur's touch" and transform you in a kind of kamikaze. After 15 seconds you release an aoe spell that destroy almost everything around you so the tactic is... when you have this debuff... run away from the others and face your destiny (hoping you have enough health to be alive after to be able to talk this tory to your nephews in the winter's nights ^^).

Anyway if you pay attention to the boss' tricks you should be able to see Murmur saying "Gosh... I forgot to turn off the television at home, gtg txcyabb" and disappearing he will leave his mace on the floor.

Just sad because even if i won the leggings of assassination i cannot use them and so i had to disinchant and got an shard... better than nothing ^^


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