Thursday, May 10, 2007

craft epix ^^

10 p.m. the long cooldown is finished and i have created two primal moonclothes... then i have finally seen i were able to craft the last part of the primal mooncloth set: the robe.
Ohhhh nice nice now i really look as a real priest and i also look very very very beautiful for all that blue fits with the color of my hair.

For the occasion i've also decided to drop my staff and i've taken the Essence Focuser as the main weapon and a good off-hand taken from a quest in Shadowmoon Valley... so now i arrive at +1100 healing bonus. With the trickets on i can arrive to 1300... not that bad for a shadow priest ^^

Now i'll try to find someone for the whitemend hood and pants and then i'll take some good gloves/bracers. now i'm looking at the arena since it is the fastest way to get something... then who'll know :)


Blogger Keystone said...

I'm so tempted to drop alchemy for tailoring, but I don't have the time or the gold to put forth the effort.

I like the fact they've added other ways to acquire epics other than spending 8 hours a night with 39 other people - ahh, memories!

Blogger Sylvina Solaris said...

Wow, your healing gear puts me to shame practically, and I'm Holy spec!

Blogger Lamthara said...

Tailoring is one of the most expensive profession (paired only by blacksmithing and enchanting - i have it too so you can understand i'm somehow masochistic). But once you've finished it you can have a lot of money every 4 days when the cooldown of your cloth finish...

Anyway in my opinion the best epics should be done by professions.. or at least they should be similar to the one dropped in the raid/instances. At least you'll find yourself realized and pushed to get also a crafting profession ^^.

ah! for Sylvina Solaris (nice name!!! very inspirating). Yep! I'm shadow! I have better gear than you muahahahah...

...but you're a holy paladin so you heal better then me even with an arm behind your back and with closed eyes, so dont' worry, i'm the one who should be envy :P


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