Monday, December 18, 2006

The question is: When?

In the desert of Tanaris there is a place called "Caverns of Time". Even the name of this place is so fashionable and makes you understand there should be a lot of interesting stuff inside there.

Once you've killed a dragon called "Tick" (and now i'm thinking if this dragon isn't called in this way because of the sound that a clock makes "tick... tack....tick.... tack....") and paying attention to walk far away from a huge dragon called Anachronos, or something as this, you get inside a huge gate where there is another of these big lizard to welcome you :)

Once you go behind the first corner you understand this place isn't as the others ^^ there are asteroids flying over a constant starry night, there are flows of energy that comes from nowhere (and probably goes nowhere too....), there are ships and boats, huge statues, and uhm... mechanic stuff that seems to not to have any reason to be there.

Just before the gate of the instance there is the uhm... shade of another huge dragon, some mobs (yellow for now) tall as mountains and a lot of npc stucked there in strange works (but don't ask me what since they don't want to talk with me.... :/ )

Eh... this instance is something that worth to be seen and i am really looking forward to go there once the expansion will be sold ^^


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