Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Gnomish Crusade :)

Probably you've seen this movie already but... ok who cares ^^? Since there are no gnomes in the official trailer of the next WoW expansion someone has thought to realize one video where there are ONLY gnomes ^^. Not bad... and funny as well.

Uhm.... Now that i think about it there are no night elves as well... :/


Blogger Shalkis said...

The original World of Warcraft trailer had a Night Elf druid, so the only race currently unrepresented is the gnomes.

Blogger Lamthara said...

That's right ^^ We are in the trailer of the normal game but... there isn't neither a cameo for us in the expansion trailer.

The whole show is only for those blonde freaks so called "bloody elves" and our blue big guys draenei.



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