Friday, December 15, 2006

And so this is winter veil.....

...and happy new yeaaaaar :)
This morning when I've woken up I got a bit bit surprise. There is a Winter Veil Tree here in Ironforge and, under the tree, there is the greatest Greatfather Winter, with his long white beard, the red dress and his voice "Oh oh oh!".

I've been able to talk with him too and he asked me to give him a cup of cold milk and some biscuits... a little favor I'll do for him tonight. When the night will fall and the snow will come I'm sure I'll feel closer to the Winter Veil Festival :)

Gotta say that in any case the dwarves are so close to this feast because i've seen a lot of then with a green or red fluffy hat, drinking spicy beer and singing songs in the honor of Greatfather Winter.

I'm looking forward to get my present now ^^!!!!


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